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US Construction Zone Features Member Spotlight Amy Powell from Well Works

US Construction Zone (USCZ) is a digital networking platform designed for business management, entrepreneurs, decision-makers, executives, leaders in the industry, and all those who aim to improve the field of construction. By offering a platform where pertinent information is carefully curated and available, expert knowledge and innovative ideas are shared, and networking with those in […]

Media Expert Dr Izdihar Jamil, Ph.D. To Help Female Entrepreneurs To Be The Go-To Expert In Their Fields With New Free Virtual Retreat- The Top Authority Activation Retreat

Since the pandemic, the online coaching and consultancy world is becoming more competitive. Entrepreneurs are seen to transition from a traditional brick and mortar  physical space to a virtual space to feed the demands of the working from home lifestyle shift. According to Dr. Izdihar, one of  the ways  that female entrepreneurs can stand out […]

Expert Advice On Creating A Home Office In An Apartment

You have a sofa, a bed and a LOL Surprise OMG Doll House in your modest abode. This means that installing a home office in your personal space may not be as smooth as it appears, no matter how high-tech your business is. It’s a frequent problem when it comes to designing tiny flats to […]

Things to Know Before Renting An Apartment

If you are new to any town or area of a town, you may be wanting to rent an apartment while you search for a home to purchase. Even though this is usually a short term situation,  you still don’t want to make a wrong decision. So, you have to be very cautious. For example, […]

Grant Barlow Answers 7 Things You Must Know Before Waterproofing Your Deck

Grant Barlow is the World’s Leading Authority on waterproof decking and he gets asked a lot of questions about waterproofing decks and pools surfaces. In this interview, Grant answers the 7 Things You Must Know Before You Waterproof Your Decking or Pool Area. To get your free Design Kit of samples, go to to […] announces launch, Radiology services.

The Medical Consultant announces the formal launch of its business website and a full list of services. This company now has a fully functional website that helps to provide patients with a way to acquire a second opinion on radiology imaging they have received. Clients can fill out a form and submit their MRI, CT, US, […]

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