Unlocking Potential: A Brief Interview Overview with Certified Hypnotherapist Lauren Best

In this interview, we delve into a fascinating discussion with Lauren Best, an accomplished hypnotherapist, writer, speaker, coach, and facilitator. Lauren shares her insights into working with a diverse clientele, including conscious and creative leaders, entrepreneurs, and curious individuals, all united by the shared values of consciousness, creativity, and curiosity. She highlights the profound benefits her clients experience, from fostering authentic confidence to unlocking untapped potential through the power of hypnosis. Lauren dispels common misconceptions about hypnosis, emphasizing its role as a tool for self-development and mindset transformation. She unveils her approach to helping clients overcome fears and challenges, guiding them towards embracing their intuition, releasing limiting beliefs, and cultivating a mindset of authenticity. Through captivating stories of client transformations, Lauren illustrates the profound impact of her work, inspiring us to explore the realms of self-discovery and personal growth.


—Begin Interview–

[Q] What type of clients do you typically work with?


 I have quite a diverse clientele. I work with conscious and creative leaders and entrepreneurs, who may also work with their organization or their own teams as well. I also work with curious individuals. Something that links all these audiences and groups is the consciousness, creativity, and curiosity they share, no matter which lens they approach me with. Whether it’s for their business, personal lives, or teams, I help them unlock potential, and envision new possibilities for their work and life. I support people to connect to their intuition, understand their unique abilities, and strengthen the mind-body-intuition connection. This enables them to show up authentically and freely, both in work and in life. As a hypnotherapist and coach, I work one-on-one to unlock their potential within their own mind. I also offer group workshops for collaboration with teams and organizations. I’m a writer, speaker, and facilitator, so I provide various channels to explore different possibilities for individuals, keeping things diverse and engaging.


[Q] What would you say are the biggest benefits that your clients get from working with you?


 One of the biggest benefits is the confidence to authentically show up as themselves. We’ve often been told that our strengths are weaknesses, which diminishes our potential over time. My clients gain the confidence and trust to embrace their intuitions and unique qualities. They can use these as superpowers, leading to authenticity, self-love, and a positive impact on relationships and communities. Overcoming the fear of failure and connecting with intuition result in genuine self-trust, fostering an environment of love and growth.


[Q] Are there any misconceptions about what you do?


 Hypnosis is often misunderstood due to media portrayals of mind control. In reality, hypnosis is a tool, not a means of control. It’s a self-development tool to tap into the subconscious mind and surpass the critical mind that limits us and keeps us second guessing. Connecting to the subconscious mind using hypnosis allows us to rewrite limiting beliefs and design a supportive mental framework. Hypnosis empowers individuals to take action aligned with their goals. As a hypnotherapist, I guide, support, and ask questions, but the experience is driven by the person being guided. Clients remain in control of their own experience during hypnosis and can wake up at any time, although there is such a great trust reciprocated between us, that this hasn’t been my experience yet.


[Q] What are the most common fears, and how do you help clients overcome them?


 Fear of failure is common and can manifest as procrastination, perfectionism, or overwhelm. A fear of success can also hinder progress. These fears often stem from past experiences or external beliefs. I help clients overcome these by reprogramming limiting beliefs through hypnosis, focusing on inner child healing, and building self-trust. I also address the lack of clarity and overwhelm by helping clients connect with their intuition and strengthen their self-trust, allowing them to make decisions and take action confidently.

[Q] Can you share an example of a transformation resulting from your work?


 Certainly. Many clients come to me with mindset blocks affecting their businesses. They struggle to delegate tasks or lack the confidence to take their business to the next level. Through coaching and hypnotherapy, I help them to release limiting beliefs and gain clarity on where to focus their energy. Clients experience increased self-trust, aligning their actions with their intuition and values. I’ve seen entrepreneurs break free from perfectionism and fear, allowing them to create authentically, impactfully, and sustainably.

[Q] What inspired you to get into this field?


 As a business strategist, I faced mindset blocks when starting my own business. Working with a business coach helped, but I needed to address deeper beliefs. Experiencing the benefits of hypnotherapy in my own life, I became a certified hypnotherapist. I blend mindset work with strategy to design more authentic and intuitive growth for myself and my clients.

[Q] What criteria would you recommend when evaluating hypnotherapy options?


 Look for alignment in energy and values with the provider. Be open to possibilities and willing to explore limiting beliefs. Choose a provider whose approach matches your needs and preferences and creates a safe and supportive environment. Trust your intuition and communicate your expectations clearly.

[Q] What next steps would you like people to take to learn more about you?


 They can visit my website @, lauren-best.com, to access a free hypnosis audio called “Visualize a Life You Love.” Sign up for my newsletter to stay informed about upcoming workshops, intensives, and other opportunities to work with me.


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