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Embrace Life After ‘Death By Powerpoint’ Says Presentation Expert Lee Featherby

Lee Featherby spent his early working career pitching and presenting new ideas and products for some of the most well-known multi-national consumer goods organisations in the world. As a trade-off, he has had to sit through innumerable mind numbingly boring presentations by people with an innate need to impress with everything they know, in 20 […]

Ryan “The Hardcore Closer” Stewman Says He is Here to Save Salespeople

Celebrity sales trainer, Ryan Stewman, is addressing a need in the sales world with his recently launched Show Up and Close Program. After a few years salespeople stop showing up like they did early on in their career. This is due to exhaustion, negative experiences in past jobs, customer complaints and a disbelief in the […]

Dr. Green of Green Chiropractic Explains Why You’re Wasting Your Time in the Gym

Dr. Greg Green of Green Chiropractic believes that strength is our most important physical attribute. “There aren’t a lot of physical attributes that we have control over. Your looks are largely determined by your genetics. But you can transform your body through strength and endurance training,” Dr. Green explains. “Over the years, I’ve learned that […]

Dr. Nic Lucas, Explains How Justin Bieber’s Fall From Grace Is an Opportunity

Everyone loves the story of the underdog who faces insurmountable barriers or life-altering mistakes, defies the odds, and transforms themselves into a winner. It’s an inspirational story. These types of stories motivated Dr. Nic Lucas to team up with Andrew Daddo to create the Get a Freakin’ Life podcast that features incredible success stories of ordinary people. […]

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