Ryan “The Hardcore Closer” Stewman Says He is Here to Save Salespeople

Celebrity sales trainer, Ryan Stewman, is addressing a need in the sales world with his recently launched Show Up and Close Program.

After a few years salespeople stop showing up like they did early on in their career. This is due to exhaustion, negative experiences in past jobs, customer complaints and a disbelief in the product you might be currently pushing.

Stewman stated, “The consumer today is not the consumer of just two years ago. As more and more people not only join, but engage actively on social media sites, they become more and more aware of marketing and sales angles. This makes it harder to get your message to resonate with them enough to trust buying from you, vs every other offer out there.”

The Show Up and Close Program is a fully online digital program students complete from home.

This was created because many salesmen have had to work multiple jobs and come face to face with the hard truths of reality and the marketplace. Each time this happens they lose a little of the spark they had when we first launched a career in sales.

Ryan “The Hardcore Closer” StewmanStewman explained, “I hear it all the time. Guys will talk to me about the good old days. The problem with this is that the good old days aren’t old…they are still here. It’s the man that loses his spark, not the marketplace. No one ever tells you how hard it is to show up ready to play at 100% every day you wake up. Salesmen don’t take weekends off. We’re there for our clients and prospects whenever they get ready to pull the trigger.” I

Stewmans program is different than the typical sales training program that just allows you to learn, be inspired and implement the content within them. His also tells you about the grind.

Show Up and Close focuses on putting everything in a perspective that refuels that spark you sale people once had into a fire again.

“When you show up ready to let nothing stand in the way of you and your ability to solve the biggest problem of your prospect, you close more deals. It’s a proven fact. Humans can detect insecurity, indecision and insincere and they run from it.”

Stewman is not just a teacher, but a highly qualified salesperson that has set records in sales all his life. From selling 1400 car washes in a day to closing millions of dollars in mortgage and real estate transactions weekly. He’s worked alongside or trained many of the top performers from your favorite TV reality real estate star all the way to your top performing internet marketing consultants.

Go here for more information or to apply for consideration go to ShowUpAndClose.com