CEO Comes Back From Death To Disrupt Publishing Industry

On March 20, 2012, TC Bradley’s life was forever changed when he suffered a sudden cardiac arrest at his home and was clinically dead for 1.5 to 2 minutes before he was revived. The survival rate for an out of hospital cardiac arrest is less than 1% and if you do survive you usually have deficits due to the lack of oxygen and blood flow to the brain and vital organs.  It is a catastrophic event that few ever survive.

‘I know that laying in that cardiac intensive care unit that morning that my life had been spared for a reason and it wasn’t just for business. I was still left with my giftings and talents and I knew I was to write a book about what had happened to me” said Bradley.

Within 90 days of being released from the hospital and overcoming death, Bradley wrote and published “God Says When” and used his internet marketing expertise to drive it to Best Seller Status on Amazon beating out Joel Osteen and TD Jakes for a day on the best seller list.

Bradley actually shared his testimony with Joel Osteen on his radio show, and how he beat him on the best seller list for a day. “Joel’s reaction reaction was priceless, he was certainly caught off guard, but celebrated my success, he was great,” said Bradley with a laugh.

After publishing his book, Bradley noticed a shift in how his clients and prospective clients viewed him.

“Once people found out I had published a book, everyone wanted an autographed copy of my book, and pictures and me and them posing with the book, which they shared on their social media pages. It really created an “Instant Celebrity Status” for me, Bradley said.

Bradley decided to combine his expertise with internet marketing with publishing and Instant Celebrity Status was born.

 “The first website I built was in 2003 and sold over a million dollars worldwide and within 2 years, we had more website traffic to our website than Oprah had going to her website, so I know how to monetize and make money the internet and combining it with a publishing and media firm was a natural fit” said Bradley.    

Since starting Instant Celebrity Status has completely disrupted the publishing industry with his 90-120 production windows for his clients and he has attracted some of the top industry leaders as his clients.

According to Bradley “Most publishing firms work on outdated 12-18 month production windows, our firm works on 90-120 day production windows, we understand the faster we can bring our clients book to market, the more they can monetize it. Wealth has always been attracted to speed. Our clients don’t want to wait 12-18 months to see an outcome, so we solve this issue for them, even if they don’t current have a book written we can deliver a successful outcome for them within 90-120 days with our propriety publishing strategies”

When asked for any final thoughts of inspiration for anyone thinking of publishing a book Bradley smiled and said “If you’re an Industry Leader, having a book in this economy is non-negotiable. It’s what is expected of Leaders today. Don’t die with your book and dream still inside of you. Life is too short. Ask me how I know.”

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