Colorado Founder Of Bolder Bands, Amy Crouse, Is Making A Bold New Statement On Headbands With A Creative Solution To Keeping Hair Tamed

Amy Crouse, founder of Bolder Band headbands from Canon City, Colorado is making a new type of headband that stays right where you want it during a workout or while running. Bolder Band headbands started out as an idea Amy Crouse had after running in the well-known Colorado 10K marathon, “The Bolder Boulder.”

“I was born with some crazy, wild, blonde hair that would not stay put during my workouts. It was always in my face and regular headbands either didn’t fit my head or got stretched out and kept slipping down. My hair was always getting in the way during my workouts. Having to stop to fix a sweatband or put it back on to tame my hair was getting in the way of getting a good workout because I’d lose my focus,” Crouse explains.

Crouse talked to friends and researched possibilities for better solutions; she quickly learned that she was not the only one who was having the same problem. She knew she needed something that would fit her head, not get stretched out and she wanted to look good too. There wasn’t anything that fit the bill available in the marketplace so she decided she would take on the challenge of creating a headband herself. Determined to solve the problem, she went to a fabric store with a friend and started to make her idea come to life. After making her first rough attempts at a headband and testing it on her friends, with some trial and error, the Bolder Band headband was brought to life. Since then, the design of the headband, the fabrics and the style and colors have all expanded.

Bolder Band headbands started out selling primarily online and recently expanded to selling to wholesalers, retailers, small boutiques, gyms, and yoga studios. “They are starting to pop up all over the United States!” Crouse says. The brand has gained a cult-like following online and by word-of-mouth from happy customers who have finally found a chic solution to keeping hair tamed for working out, running, cycling, or living life—something outside of the pony tail.

Customer Missy Mattingly says, “I love my bolder bands. I am 45 years old and all of my adult life I have searched for a band that holds my hair back and doesn’t slide off of my extra small head. I can’t wait to wear it for my race next week at Epcot.”

Bolder Band headbands are made out of a swimsuit-type Lycra material that absorbs moisture (sweat), has a memory-like ability to retain its fit in between workouts and doesn’t stretch out. Bolder Bands come in different styles, sizes, and soon will come in a more narrow option. Bolder Bands are the only 6-in-1 headband on the market, meaning they can be worn six different ways by folding or tucking it to meet individual needs and style preferences thus making them super affordable (six bands for the price of one). Bolder Band headbands can be worn lower down on the head, behind or over the ears, similar to the way one would wear a sweatband.

Crouse encourages, “Customers should measure their heads when ordering their Bolder Band because we offer different sizes including custom made Bolder Bands for extra small and extra large sizes. The custom fit makes a huge difference in keeping the band in place.” The sizes are x-small (less than 19.5 inches circumference), small (19.5-21”), regular (21-22.5”) and custom large (for 22.5” and larger).

Unlike sweatbands, Bolder Band headbands are not sewn all the way around. This allows the headband to come back to its original shape and size so it fits the next time it is worn. Customer Molly Gillum has tried other sweatbands, but they didn’t fit or they’d stretch out and slide down after just one wear. “This is the very first headband to stay on my head,” she says, “I have never been able to wear one and work out. I am so happy that I finally got one that works. It’s a great product!”

For more information about Amy Crouse and Bolder Band headbands please visit: or call (719) 992-0131.