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Michael George Personal Trainer Brings an Educated Nuance to Personal Training

To the outside observer, hiring a personal trainer is all about getting fit, and looking good, having those washboard abs that you can show off at the beach. But to Michael George, this is mere superficiality. It doesn’t get to the heart of what personal training is all about. To George, training is a comprehensive […]

Nebraska Attorney Darren J. Pekny Discusses Family Law Trends for 2014

Nebraska has a reputation as a “mother’s state” when it comes to deciding custody matters, says Darren J. Pekny of The Law Offices of Johnson & Pekny, LLC. Unless a mother has a serious legal issue, such as a drug problem, she usually gets physical custody of her children following a divorce or separation. Fathers […]

Dr Daniel Kamen Says Animal Chiropractic May Help Race Horses Run Faster

If animal chiropractic is new to you, the concept may sound a little strange. But many race horse owners swear that it’s helping their horses run better and faster. According to Dr. Daniel Kamen D.C. this type of animal care isn’t a new concept, it has been around since about 1917.  The American Veterinary Chiropractic […]

Gourmet Passionista Founder Shelly Afthim Wins On QVC With Healthy Chicken Meatballs

Shelly Jordan Afthim is the founder of Maine-based Gourmet Passionista, makers of healthy gourmet appetizers.  She turned to cooking while recovering from a life-threatening heart condition. Afthim’s healthy chicken meatballs were declared a winner in the QVC Sprouts contest. “The QVC Sprouts program helps small businesses break into the QVC marketplace,” stated Afthim. “Our meatballs […]

Dr. George Sanders Transforms Lives through Plastic Surgery with Compassion and Ultra Modern Techniques

Dr. George Sanders, M. D., Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, demonstrates top leadership among industry professionals, providing new advances in plastic surgery coupled with world-class care and compassion. Dr. Sanders’ Los Angeles plastic surgery practice continues to attract patients seeking the most advanced techniques, satisfying results, and most satisfying patient-doctor relationship. As a result, Dr. Sanders’ […]

Dr. Nic Lucas, Explains How Justin Bieber’s Fall From Grace Is an Opportunity

Everyone loves the story of the underdog who faces insurmountable barriers or life-altering mistakes, defies the odds, and transforms themselves into a winner. It’s an inspirational story. These types of stories motivated Dr. Nic Lucas to team up with Andrew Daddo to create the Get a Freakin’ Life podcast that features incredible success stories of ordinary people. […]

Dallas Aquarium Experts Receives 2013 Best of McKinney Award

McKinney Award Program Honors the Achievement McKinney, TX, Dallas Aquarium Experts has been selected for the 2013 Best of McKinney Award in the Aquariums and Supplies category by the McKinney Award Program. Each year, the McKinney Award Program identifies companies that they believe has achieved exceptional marketing success in the their local community and business […]

Brant Phillips – Founder of Rent Ready Contractors For Real Estate Investors

Rent Ready Contractors Founder Brant Phillips talks about the right and wrong things homeowners do when trying to prepare their house for sale. Rent Ready Contractors Founder Brant Phillips SBT: Hi Brant.  Right now the real estate market is really active in Houston.  A lot of home owners are ready to sell their homes, possibly […]

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