Rod Rehm Attorney at Rehm, Bennett & Moore shares legal insights

An average worker has to undergo a lot of challenges and limitations when it comes to claiming personal injury compensation. Though not surprising, it emerges that very few workers understand what is needed of them and what to do when faced with such situations.

The truth of the matter is that regardless of the nature of protection measures that are put in your place of work chances are accidents are likely to occur. Be it minor or major accidents, either way they will result in personal injury claim.

Rehm, Bennett & Moore, P.C., L.L.O. have focused their practice in assisting individuals who have suffered accidents as a result of negligence or defective products and have had unfair treatment from their employer or the organizations that are held responsible. The law firm has over 43 years of experience in every aspect of the personal injury claim having been started in 1973. The entire legal team is licensed in Iowa, and all attorneys are members of the Omaha Bar Association and Nebraska Bar Association.

Attorney Rod Rehm focuses on personal injury cases and employment law and is an active member of the Local State Trial Association. Their Practice is focused on personal injury, workers’ compensation, SSD and employment law matters. But, they also handle employment law and probate matters in equal measures.

Moore Attorneys at Law have specialized on wrongful death and personal injury, workers’ compensation and workplace injury, employment law and social security disability.

Rod Rehm offers the following advice to workers, especially those involved in accidents at work. “They have to report the injury as fast as possible to the employer”. Filling the company forms related to the matter is the best thing you can do as an employee, since that is where the defense of the claim starts.

Starting a defense of the claim without these forms is difficult because the procedure and evidence of the occurrence of the accident are lacking. In cases where such forms are missing, it is common to find that insurance providers tend to deny compensation.

Though it might appear expensive, it is advisable for a worker to get an attorney to represent him or her in the claim and if possible negotiate on the compensation. This is because, without unions, employees get little protection. Rehm also says that “in many jurisdictions, in the United States, there is little or no protection other than federal civil rights” that shows that with an attorney a worker is likely to get a proper presentation for the claim. In a law level, Rehm is helping employees as an experienced lawyer to understand the rules and what has to be proved in the case of a claim.

He further says, “There is not many lawyers in the state that practice in this area of law”. Meaning that most lawyers are not involved in workers compensation something that can be linked to the fact that organizations have limited workers’ access to lawyers. The demise of the labor movement in the United States has rendered workers voiceless.

This has made the law firm from their own workers’ injury advocacy group so that they can voice workers’ pleas. What is their view on their industry for 2014? Apparently, very low proportion of worker population has labor representation.

It is estimated that less than 15% of the total work force have labor representation. This is because workers’ rights have been under strong, relentless attack around the United States for the last 30 years. The most amazing thing is that despite all the efforts put into tackling the trend the problem has escalated to an unbelievable margin.

Rod Rehm stated that “ongoing battle between business interests and the limited interest of the individual which is largely unknown by a lot of people that are not involved directly on those conflicts”. What makes this battle a hard one to fight is that the involved parties are not at par in terms of financial muscles.

The insurance companies that have fought the workers’ rights for nearly 3 decades now have mind-boggling economic power. This makes the workers voiceless, and at the mercy of the big industry players. What further ails workers is that the legislature tends to take the rules that protect them.

For instance, the federal law has many limitations that limit the ways workers can be presented. This calls for political and legislative solution designed, so workers may enjoy some of these rights without the current limitations. This has seen Rod Rehm spend at least 1 to 2 hours in political activities, which is very common in leaders, in the law business since they are representing the people.

Rod Rehm emphasizes that there has been improvement in employment law over the years. However, he is quick to state that a lot depends on politics. This is because if business interests dominate, control in the state legislature there will not be much growth in employment rights. “The growth of employment rights is mostly being court laid out”, says Rehm.

Though politics in most jurisdictions probably view the court precedence, there has been a slight improvement in regards to workers rights and employment laws.

Rehm explained “lawyers as a group are like every other group in the society. Some people are passionate about what they do, and others aren’t, some people are smarter; some people work harder, you know lawyers are human beings also”. This implies that, as you go around looking for lawyers there are some who are interested in the business aspect of it and some are genuinely interested in the course of helping the little people in the society.

For a lawyer to work for a little guy he surely has to have passion in every little thing, they do. In most cases in is difficult to find out if they are doing it for a fee. Therefore, it is common knowledge that with the right lawyer who understands your situation you can get what you deserve.

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