Dr. Peter Fortinos Medical Director of Revita Age Management Speaks On Aging with Style

Dr. Peter Fortinos Owner and Medical Director of Revita Age Management, alongside his business partner and CEO, Craig Larsen.

For 5 years now they have been helping men and women attenuate the effects of aging – whether it be to regain lost vigor, lost vitality, sharpen their thinking, reduce body fat, or improve overall memory.

In order to deliver results to his clients, Dr. Fortinos and his team make use of advanced treatments and evidence-based medicine. Their techniques and skill have attracted patients across the country to Revita Age Management located in North Carolina

A leader in his field, Dr. Fortinos has developed a bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. These therapies focus on pro estrogen, estrogen for both men and women, melatonin, thyroid and other hormones such as insulin. Many might not know that as one grows older, these hormones play a role in the increased risk of cancer, weight gain, diabetes, etcetera.

Dr. Fortinos strive to produce results for his clients through evidence-based techniques. It is this same focus that he uses to guide his business. He studies under Dr. Rouzier, who has facilitated his research on this subject at World Link.  By incorporating industry-leading research into his treatment practices, he ensures that patients are receiving cutting edge solutions.

As a leader in his field, Dr. Fortinos has an eye toward the future of medicine. In his view, a potential new change in this industry that we could expect is less doctor-patient interaction. With Obama care, doctors are going to be overwhelmed with the large numbers of patients, However, this is not something Dr. Fortinos will compromise.

Dr. Fortinos and his team feel that there is room for more growth when it comes to hormone replacement therapies. You can visit them at http://revitamedical.com/