Dr. Nic Lucas, Explains How Justin Bieber’s Fall From Grace Is an Opportunity

Everyone loves the story of the underdog who faces insurmountable barriers or life-altering mistakes, defies the odds, and transforms themselves into a winner. It’s an inspirational story. These types of stories motivated Dr. Nic Lucas to team up with Andrew Daddo to create the Get a Freakin’ Life podcast that features incredible success stories of ordinary people.

“I’ve always loved finding inspiration in real human stories,” says Dr. Nic. “Now, along with Andrew, I have the opportunity to gather these stories and share them with the world through our podcast.”

It’s an understatement to say that 2013 was a bad year for Justin Bieber. He had a “scuffle” with a photographer. He was allegedly caught smoking marijuana. He allegedly assaulted a neighbor. And, police found drugs on his tour bus in Stocklom.

The list of Bieber’s troubles continues. In January, he was arrested in Miami Beach after drag racing in a Lamborghini under the influence of Xanax and marijuana. Most recently, Bieber was jailed in Toronto for allegedly assaulting a limo driver.

“Justin Bieber’s fall from grace can be a wonderful opportunity for him to learn from his experiences and transform his life,” says Dr. Nic. “No matter how bad his life is right now, he can always choose to respond positively, bounce back, and be an inspiration to others.”

After meeting in a caf while working on separate projects, Dr. Nic and Daddo formed a casual relationship that resulted in the creation of the podcast. “We inhabited the same physical and spiritual space,” recalls Daddo. “We just seemed to be sitting in the right spot on that particular day and managed to let a few ideas slip in the right direction.”

Daddo has traveled the world while working as a TV host, radio host, successful children’s book author, and international speaker. Dr. Lucas, the son of a preacher man, dropped out of high school to be a musician, then became a neuroscience lecturer and medical researcher, and now uses his knowledge and experience to influence others through digital media, online, and coaching.

Get a Freakin’ Life is all about stories,” explains Dr. Nic “We’re always on the lookout for great stories to feature on the show. We invite anyone to suggest a story, a story that they know needs to be told. Share it with us at GetaFreakinLife.com/suggest-a-story.