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Mike Mataraza Motivates You!

Mike Mataraza is an internationally renowned speaker who has been inspiring all kind of audiences. He has founded and managed many companies around the world. He attended Agoura high school and later joined university of California in Los Angeles. He has been coaching both individuals and teams for over a decade. Mike Mataraza has spoken […]

John Curran, Certified Master Life Coach Discusses Small Business Coaching

Many individuals may be interested in life coaching. One individual that knows a lot of information in terms of life coaching is John Curran. John Curran is a well known coach that is a personal and business coach, he specializes in life and business coaching. John is the owner of located in Las, Cruces […]

Ruth Schwartz Business Coach Discusses Defining Your Purpose in Your Business

Running a business is a big thing. It takes many kinds of skills such as market understanding, good contacts, technology understanding, forward thinking, team management, financial management, corporate governance, constant learning, communicating, presentation skills and so forth. Some individuals are a natural; they start a company of their own and immediately there is a perfect […]

John Bulman discusses Profitability Thinking

Rob Bannon had a chance to catch up with business consultant John Bulman to get to know a little about his firm, him personally as a business owner, and to find out what makes a good business consultant. John Bulman of Profitability Thinking is a business consultant who has made a name for himself in […]

Coaching, For a Better Life with Alejandra Crisafulli

Coaching is the development or guidance process in which coaches assist people in setting their goals and then helping them to achieve these goals by identifying their capabilities and using them to the best of their ability. Coaching is not restricted by any field and encompasses personal, professional and spiritual dimensions. Coaching is different from […]

Dan Purkey Management Consultant and Author Advises “Do Less, Achieve More”

While common sense can fix most management issues, it’s usually used in hind sight. Dan Purkey, Management Consultant and Author of “Uncommon Sense Management,” says being overwhelmed by too much to do in too little time results in communication problems which are at the root of many, if not the vast majority of, management woes. […]

Phil Glosserman Business Coach Discusses How to Attract More Customers

You would like to do some different things within your business. Being able to attract more customers would be a nice start. How do you go about it though? Advertising is okay but how else can you accomplish this. There is an excellent way to do this and in the process it will help your […]

Dr. Steven J. Varkony Plastic Surgeon Discusses Scarless Plastic Surgery Procedures

Dr. Steven J. Varkony is a plastic surgeon practitioner with offices in Beverly Hills, Encino, Sherman oaks and Los Angeles. For 20 years now, Dr.Varkony has been practicing plastic surgery. . Dr. Steven Varkony received his education from a prestigious plastic surgery institution known as McGill University. It is based in Montreal, Canada. He studied general […]

Greg Clowminzer on Business & Life Coaching

For over 20 years Greg Clowminzer has been practicing coaching and considers himself to be one of the pioneers in this area. When he started there was no certification in the industry. He studied at Coach University;  they offered the first Coaching certification training program.  It was founded by a man considered to be the […]

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