Dr. Jeffrey Linder, NYC Chiropractor, Provides Allergy Relief Using Laser Therapy

Dr. Jeffrey Linder, owner of NYC-based Bryant Park Wellness, offers his patients a non-toxic, pain-free alternative to traditional allergy diagnosis and treatment by employing BAX-3000 laser technology.  The treatment is based on Neurological Stress Reduction Therapy or NSRT, and has its roots in acupuncture.

Dr. Linder explains:  “An allergy is simply an inappropriate response to otherwise harmless environmental substances.  An allergic reaction’s severity is greatly influenced by the stress response produced by the body’s nervous system.  When one encounters an allergen, this stress response increases the severity of symptoms like runny nose, itching, sneezing, and hives.  The greater the stress, the greater the severity of the allergic reactions.  NSRT focuses on retraining the nervous and immune systems to decrease the body’s stress response when the body perceives an allergen.  When the body’s stress response is reduced, the body no longer reacts inappropriately when encountering an allergen.  Once successfully treated, patients can come into contact with these allergens without experiencing allergic reactions.”

For Dr. Linder, the search for a safe, effective allergy treatment hit very close to home.  Five years ago, his son Dylan, then two years old, suffered from severe eczema covering his whole body.  Testing by a local allergist revealed that Dylan suffered from what Dr. Linder characterizes as an “off the charts” reaction to dust mites.  The family did everything short of converting their entire home into a “clean room” to improve Dylan’s condition, to no avail.  When Dr. Linder was approached by a representative of Bioveda Wellness, the manufacturer of the BAX-3000, Dr. Linder invited the rep to his office for a demonstration of the laser therapy on his son, Dylan.

Every allergen has a certain measurable harmonic frequency.  The BAX-3000 system has over 4000 digital harmonic frequencies of known allergens programmed into it.  For Dylan’s treatment, the digital frequency of dust mites was loaded into the laser and aimed at acupuncture points and meridians on his body.  This painless bombarding of the body’s acupuncture points with the allergen’s signature frequency retrains the body to secrete endorphins that suppress the patient’s customary “inappropriate” response, leading to a reduction, and in some cases, complete elimination of the allergic reaction.  The number of treatments required depends on the number of allergens someone is being treated for, and the severity of their allergic reactions.

For those suffering from allergic symptoms with no known diagnosis, the BAX-3000 can be used as a diagnostic tool.  By exposing the patient to all allergen frequencies, and measuring the stress response (much like a polygraph), the practitioner is able to determine which allergen(s) to treat.

Dr. Linder has been offering the BAX-3000 laser therapy for allergy relief in his practice with great success for five years.  He also sees very promising results treating those with non-life-threatening food reactions, like IBS and celiac disease.   “It’s very exciting because it offers people a non-drug alternative to a persistent lifelong problem.”  His patients agree.

“It worked like a charm.  So far I have no allergy to report.”  Stephen B.

“Symptoms have disappeared, I can now eat shrimp comfortably.” Meaghan A.

As for his son Dylan, his allergic reactions to dust mites ended five years ago following that one treatment.  He is now seven years old and free of eczema.

For more information, visit http://www.bryantparkwellness.com.