Interview With Pinecrest Schools Moorpark Campus Director April Cauthron About The Importance of the Community And School Relationship

Pinecrest Schools offers great education at an affordable price for students living in Southern California. With eight different campuses, Pinecrest has a lot to offer to kids from Kindergarten to middle schools.

As one of Pinecrest Schools campuses, the Moorpark campus strives to maintain a higher level of learning while maintaining small class sizes. This allows them to successfully capture the learning style of the individual child.

They pride themselves on creating an environment that promotes healthy study habits. These study habits will offer the student the tools necessary to help them succeed throughout their educational milestones.

Lisa Williams: This is Lisa Williams with Local Online Visibility and I’m with April Cauthron who is the campus director of Pinecrest Schools Moorpark.  How are you today April?

April Cauthron: I’m well, thank you.

Lisa: And how long have you been with Pinecrest?

April: I’ve been with Pinecrest for 22 years.

Lisa: Great.  April what is your title?

April: I’m campus director and I have been at this campus since it opened in 2000.

Lisa: When you think of Pinecrest schools, what comes to mind?

April: I think family. We have so many families and students who come back and want to become part of the staff.

Lisa: So, generations of families really?

April: Yes

Lisa: Excellent. What types of events or special programmes do you offer?

April: Well, many schools I think pride themselves on being a theatre arts school or a tech school or teaching foreign language. We encompass all of those areas from music to Spanish and physical education, we have a full library with a librarian. So the students experience all those lessons taught by specialty teachers in those subject areas.

Lisa: A library with a librarian, that’s rare in today’s schools.  What other programs do you offer?

April: We have afterschool programs of music, karate, dance, robotics, cooking, science, art.

Lisa: Excellent. What is unique about your location at Moorpark?

April: Well, we are really excited we have the new Renaissance Learning program which encompasses a reading program as well as a math program and it allows us to do diagnostic evaluations for both areas for all students, which in turn gives us their grade equivalent they are working at. This allows the teacher to adapt their learning based on what level they are on whether they are above grade level or working towards that grade level, so it gives us the opportunity to provide a learning program to each student individually. 3rd to 6th grade are actually working on tablets in their classrooms which is great for math, because only one problem shows up at a time, so it helps the students to be less frustrated and more excited.  We are seeing our students bettering their own goals in reading as well as math so we are excited to see great growth in those areas.

Lisa: Excellent and there is also a great accountability with utilizing the renaissance program would you agree?

April: Yes it is not just the teachers’ opinion that they are sharing with the parents, but the parents are receiving specific and accurate diagnostics to date on where their child is sitting against other children in the nation at that grade level.

Lisa: That is unique. So April, what would you like prospective parents to know about your school?

April: You know on top of the things we are doing with the reading and math, we also teach to the whole child which means we want them to be safe and happy. We want them to be good friends and have good character and give back to their community. That really goes back to being part of the Pinecrest family with how much you give back, treat people how you would like to be treated and be a good citizen.

Lisa: Excellent. What would you like families to know about Pinecrest Moorpark?

April: Well, I would say that we offer individualised attention. If it is a problem for your child then it is a problem for us. We want you to know that each child is just as important to us as they are to you. We know that we are dealing with one of the most important people in your life and that is your child.

Lisa: Thank you very much for your time.

The Moorpark campus offers classes from kindergarten to middle school. Students can also participate in specialty classes such as art appreciation, computer class, and many others.

The campus also offers many extra-curricular activities and teaches kids lessons they’ll need to live a successful life.

Registration can be made any time all year long. Students must undergo a quick interview and test to see their abilities.

Students can earn a great education for life at the Lancaster campus. More information is available online at 14100 Peach Hill Rd, Moorpark, CA 93021.