Business Puzzle Academy Principal Tim Bishop-Kinlyside Takes Full-Spectrum Approach To Help Failing Businesses

In an ever-changing global economy, one marketer/entrepreneur figured that the pervasive business failure rate could not solely be linked to slumping sales and varying financial concern. Tim Bishop-Kinlyside, Principal of Business Puzzle Academy, believed there was more to the business failure rate story. . .as well, he could do more to help failing businesses become not only profitable, but truly sustainable through his unique all-encompassing approach. According to recent articles in both and Bloomberg, the business failure rate stands at an astounding 80%, and it’s only gotten worse since recent economic depressions and unstable financial markets have shaken investor confidence, as well as forced consumers to be more frugal with their pocketbooks.

The key, according to Bishop-Kinlyside, is evidenced in comments from Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos: “There are two ways to extend a business. Take inventory of what you’re good at and extend out from your skills. Or determine what your customers need and work backward, even if it requires learning new skills. Kindle is an example of working backward.”

“We are in a losing battle against the rate at which businesses are shutting their doors. Shrinking bottom lines, mounting debts, and the way businesses operate in a rapidly changing marketplace and economic climate are forcing many of them to consider failure as their only option rather than realizing where their strengths are and in which areas they need help,” Bishop-Kinlyside says in a recent interview.

For Bishop-Kinlyside, he realized the struggle that businesses face in an ever-changing economy is akin to that of a sports team hiring its former phenom as new general manager or coach and then immediately expecting that player to be a great manager. That’s why his company, Business Puzzle Academy, is helping companies around the world go from “This is a great idea, so let’s start a business”, to actually running an effective revenue-producing organization.

“There is a common misguided perception, delusion and belief amongst society that just because you can be great in your profession or trade,” says Bishop-Kinlyside, “equates to operating a profitable and successful business without any prior or ongoing, real-life business education and business experience.”

BPA was designed by Bishop-Kinlyside to take the “talent”, or inexperienced, non-revenue-producing owner, and make not only the business profitable, but indeed give the business management tools to further expand revenue rather than slowly – or sharply – decline.

Client businesses couldn’t be more pleased. “As a dentist, I know teeth – not how to run a business,” noted practitioner Simon Franks of Bite Dental Studios. “I now am ensured that each month I pay my mortgage and have money to reinvest . . . All this thanks to a young, confident coach who has never owned a dental practice.” Bishop-Kinlyside helped Franks turn his practice around and pay off over $100,000 in business debt in less than 12 months.

National firms, too, are finding revitalization in Bishop-Kinlyside’s expertise. Media Playground, a creative and design firm with multiple offices throughout Australia, saw a top-to-bottom overhaul of the company’s operations as a direct result of BPA’s coaching.

“My outlook on business and life has completely changed. Going from making no profit to making seven figures in profit in 12 months can make a big change. I have nothing but gratitude for Tim and his team at BPA,” exclaimed Trav White, Managing Director at Media Playground.

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