Drive To Zero: Communication, Hits Three US Amazon And International Best Selling Lists

Tracy Hanes of T. Allen Hanes & Associates announced the Graphic Novel book, “Drive To Zero: Communication,” reached number 3 on the US Amazon and International Best Seller Lists in the ‘Action & Adventure”, “Comic & Graphic Novels”, and “Management & Leadership” categories.

This triple best-selling comic/graphic book series features easy strategies for teens and business owners to set themselves apart in workplace safety using proven leadership techniques.

“For a company to have a world-class safety culture you have to do something different.  OSHA has been around since the early 70’s, and companies continue to have employees get hurt.  Even though companies have great looking OSHA safety programs it’s not enough.  We pick up where OSHA leaves off to create a culture where injury is a rare occurrence.  This series will give bite size solutions for you as an employee or business owner that can turn a traditional safety culture where injury is often, into a world-class culture were injury is a rare event. That’s what I do, I solve that problem,” says Hanes, International Best Selling author and Safety Leader.

No stranger to success while in charge of training at the world’s most dangerous refinery, Hanes, an educator and advocate for his clients, led a team of 1,200 employees culminating in an industry record of 1,319,269 continuous work hours in a 90 day period without a recordable injury in 2011.  That is the equivalent of 500 employees working a year without an OSHA recordable injury.

Communication– It does not matter how big or small a business may be or how big the workforce is.  There can be a means for the leadership to be aware of what is going on at the employee level. Communication channels need to be open and very effective, otherwise there will be disasters and other hazards lurking, just waiting to cause an incident.

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