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Eileen Campbell, RN, Helps Hospitals Stop HCAHPS Scores From Backsliding

As founder and CEO of Boost Patient Experiences, Eileen Campbell has emerged as an expert in helping hospitals stop the backsliding of HCAHPS scores. Understanding that to create sustainable patient experiences, patient satisfaction efforts need to be much deeper than “smile training,” Eileen harnesses more than 30 years of experience on both the hospital side […]

Maurice Clarett’s Comeback Foundation Uses Donated Home to Start Re-entry Program

Mark Evans donated a completely rebuilt and furnished Columbus home to charity last year. This year, it looks like he is turning it into an annual event. Mark is currently working with Ohio’s own Maurice Clarett and his “Comeback Foundation” to provide a ‘free and clear’, stable home environment for worthy families getting their lives […]

CPA Charlie Dombek Featured Speaker At 2014 Global Property Summit

Charlie Dombek, CPA and Master Offshore Planner, was a featured keynote speaker at the recent Global Property Summit symposium held in Johannesburg, South Africa. Dombek, along with a panel of renowned global wealth managers, investors and property specialists, lead the summit that focused on new ideas in global wealth migration and property management. As an […]

BottomLine Advantage Increases Company Profits By Slashing Operating Budgets

There are many thousands of dollars of waste in every company’s operating budget. Companies simply lack the “industry insider” knowledge needed to achieve optimal cost. “We know most companies are overpaying their copier vendors,” says David Cantliffe, founder and president of BottomLine Advantage LLC. “Our “insider” knowledge and system allows us to recover a minimum […]

Shane Smith Tells Doctors “You’ve Earned It, And You Deserve To Keep It”

Doctors who operate their own medical practice are no different from other business owners. They are entrepreneurs who must structure their business in a way that protects their personal wealth and provides for a secure financial future. Attorney Shane Smith of WealthProtectionForDoctors.com tells his clients, “You’ve earned it, and you deserved to keep it.” After […]

Jeni Hott Encourages Internet Entrepreneurship In New Documentary Living Dot Com

The slow economy, advancing automation, and increased outsourcing has made now one of the worst times in history to find a job. But, it is the best time to start an online business. That’s the message Jeni Hott, the world’s most successful blogger, wants everyone to understand. The Internet offers limitless opportunities to build amazing […]

Stephen Swensen Gives Investment Advisors The Power To Transform Their Business

Only 35% of baby boomers are confident in their efforts to prepare financially for retirement. That’s according to a recent survey conducted by the Insured Retirement Institute’s fourth annual “Boomer Expectation for Retirement” report paints a grim financial picture that’s getting worse for most baby boomers. The reported figure represents a significant drop from the 44% […]

Branding Expert Glen Campbell Explains Why Richard Branson Is So Wildly Successful

Richard Branson appears on the surface to be nearly the opposite of what a successful leader is expected to be. Yet, he has accomplished more in his lifetime, built more companies, and created more wealth that most people can imagine. His achievements leave many business leaders scratching their heads and asking the question: How can this […]

Dr. Tracy Bennett Creates Program For Parents To Get Kids Internet Safe

Dr. Tracy Bennett is a parent, psychologist and professor. Her practice saw many cases of kids who had been or were being victimized. Her own kids’ internet use was slipping, so she created a sensible, easy to use program for parents. Dr. Tracy Bennett has created a training program that teaches parents how to keep […]

Berkley Anxiety Coach Shannon Avana Shares 3 Secrets To Happiness

Do you ever wonder why some people are happy and productive, while others are anxious and seem to be constantly chasing their tails?  Life coach Shannon Avana says finding your personal North Star may be the answer. In her study of anxiety and depression, Business Coach Shannon Avana has discovered that the most important skill […]

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