CPA Charlie Dombek Featured Speaker At 2014 Global Property Summit

Charlie Dombek, CPA and Master Offshore Planner, was a featured keynote speaker at the recent Global Property Summit symposium held in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Dombek, along with a panel of renowned global wealth managers, investors and property specialists, lead the summit that focused on new ideas in global wealth migration and property management. As an advisor to high-net-worth individuals and businesses on offshore structures and tax planning, Mr. Dombek possesses valuable insight into the procurement, growth and protection of massive wealth.

At the summit, he shared ideas and experiences related to successful procurement and management of accounts in the shifting financial landscape of the 21st century, discussing changing global markets and opportunities that are springing up around the globe for developing countries and first-world entities alike.

Mr. Dombek is a well-known wealth creator with top-tier clients around the globe, from South Africa to the US, Switzerland, Holland, Austria, the UK and Australia, among others.

In his role as an accountant he is recognized for delivering exceptional results in tax planning, offshore structuring and accounting services to the mega-wealthy.

Several tenets put forth by the Global Property Summit’s schedule reflect his sphere of influence in the field, including the idea that the previous generation of wealth growth was focused on inviting and coaching participants by providing instructional materials, rather than the Summit’s belief that participation and partnership with successful global property and wealth management specialists was the crucial step to bridging the gap between potential an d practice.

Dr. Dolf de Roos, author of Real Estate Riches, the best-selling real estate tome boasting over 2 million copies sold globally, is the Summit’s founder.

De Roos is recognized as South Africa’s leading Global Investor. The Investment Committee featured at the event possesses 128 years of international property investment experience, making them the most comprehensive team of property investors.

Mr. Dombek is the head of Optimal Financial Group, an investment and tax management firm that leverages best practices in law, accounting and financial planning to provide professionals and business owners with a service offering to meet their unique planning needs.

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