BottomLine Advantage Increases Company Profits By Slashing Operating Budgets

There are many thousands of dollars of waste in every company’s operating budget. Companies simply lack the “industry insider” knowledge needed to achieve optimal cost. “We know most companies are overpaying their copier vendors,” says David Cantliffe, founder and president of BottomLine Advantage LLC. “Our “insider” knowledge and system allows us to recover a minimum of $227,325 in hard budget dollars (for target-sized clients) with no up-front cost to them. In fact, we guarantee it.”

“The biggest challenge we face is that companies don’t realize how much money they are wasting,” explains David. “Companies do the best they can to save money with the information they have. The reality is that they don’t have all of the information they need to get the best prices and service from their vendors

BottomLine Advantage isn’t an equipment vendor. They don’t sell supplies. They don’t service equipment. They are a performance-based, client advocacy group that specializes in reducing hard dollar costs for copy, print, and fax expenses while simultaneously enhancing vendor service support levels.

David has recently released a book titled Slash Your Operating Budget! 5 Secrets to Recovering Wasted Budget Dollars. He wrote the book to help companies understand why they’re overpaying their vendors, and he offers solutions to help them stop wasting budget dollars. The book covers all major corporate expense categories, not just the copying and printing arena.

David’s vendor experience in the copy, fax, and printer industry spans more than 23 years. He spent 18 years “on the streets” as a sales representative for a large copier vendor. But it was only when he became an equipment distributor that he discovered specific knowledge of the real costs and service parameters in the industry. With that insider knowledge, he has saved his clients more than $15.9 million since he founded BottomLine Advantage in 2005.

Bottom Line Advantage’s clients have given them high praise. Bob Engel, Regional Controller for Clear Channel Denver says, “Now that I have been able to examine BottomLine Advantage’s cost reduction system close-up, I realize that it would have been practically impossible for us to achieve the same level of savings they did. BottomLine Advantage is a cost-reduction specialist,” Engel adds, “It was an eye-opener in so far as the level of service that we could in fact reasonably request and receive from our vendor.”

Bruce Green, Corporate Director of Purchasing for Lowes Hotels says, “I can now verify, in the case of Loews Hotels, that BottomLine Advantage exceeded their project savings guarantee. Our hotels are now seeing real hard dollar savings.”

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