Dr. Tracy Bennett Creates Program For Parents To Get Kids Internet Safe

Dr. Tracy Bennett is a parent, psychologist and professor. Her practice saw many cases of kids who had been or were being victimized. Her own kids’ internet use was slipping, so she created a sensible, easy to use program for parents.

Dr. Tracy Bennett has created a training program that teaches parents how to keep children safe on the internet. “We’ve raised one child and are in the midst of raising two younger ones.  We managed our 20 year-old’s Internet use very well”, said Dr. Bennett. “But the little ones had electronics much sooner AND the influence of a teenager.  Our hands were full, and we were starting to slip.”

“While we were slipping in our own home, families were coming to me in my practice because they too were struggling with this issue”, Tracy said.  “I was especially alarmed to be working on so many cases of kids who had been or were being victimized.”

More frustrating was the fact that nobody outside of Dr. Bennett’s office seemed to know how serious and common it was.  She went into research mode and examined the problem and all the available solutions.

The resources were often rigid, impossible to implement “MUST DO” lists that didn’t work. “After all,” said Tracy “If you could ‘supervise all screen activity’, there wouldn’t be a problem.”

The other solutions Dr. Bennett looked at were software companies selling filtering and monitoring systems. “We found these were overwhelming or they blocked too much or too little.”

There is clearly a real problem, but the programs out there are inadequate, unrealistic, or both. Parents had made critical errors and were begging Dr. Bennett for guidance and expert advice.

“My three pillars of expertise are 20 years as mom, psychologist, and university professor”, said Tracy. “I used all 3 to dig deep and pull together real world, clinical and academic resources.”

Flexibility, simplicity and workability were all key elements. “The only program that will actually work has to be multifaceted and comprehensive.  One-size-fits-all doesn’t work.  Every family is different, every child is different; flexibility and parent control is key.”

The program Tracy developed, ‘Get Kids Internet Safe’, gives parents specific and comprehensive guidelines. It provides answers based on psychological research and expert clinical and mothering experience.

The program is delivered in weekly, easy to absorb modules delivered in a choice of formats. The information is inexpensive, sensible, easy, and immediately applicable.

“There is a lot of free eye-opening training for parents on the blog“, said Dr. Bennett. “Advertisers are programming your kids, and it makes sense to be proactive.”

Parents are not subjected to unrealistic expectations, overwhelming lists or boring lectures.  The ‘Get Kids Internet Safe’ program comes as videos, articles, book recommendations and webinars.

To learn more about Get Kids Internet Safe, visit: http://getkidsinternetsafe.com/

To connect with Dr. Bennett on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/GetKidsInternetSafecom/439832379462269