Stephen Swensen Gives Investment Advisors The Power To Transform Their Business

Only 35% of baby boomers are confident in their efforts to prepare financially for retirement. That’s according to a recent survey conducted by the Insured Retirement Institute’s fourth annual “Boomer Expectation for Retirement” report paints a grim financial picture that’s getting worse for most baby boomers. The reported figure represents a significant drop from the 44% who lacked confidence in their financial future back in 2011.

“One of the reasons why I developed the Last Advisor platform and the Bucket Bliss Strategy is to empower investment advisors to help their clients feel confident and secure about their financial future,” explains Stephen Swensen.

The platform is based on the time-tested bucket investment strategy that provides safe and steady income within the context of a larger retirement income plan.

Bucket Bliss is powerful enough to transform any investment advisor’s business because it drives efficiencies. It provides investment advisors with a proven model complete with the tools they need to create a recurring revenue stream. The intuitive software is easy to use and can be customized for each client’s specific investment needs.

Negative market reports often frighten investors who watch the daily fluctuations. Even though stocks responded positively to news that the unemployment rate has dropped to 6.3%, its lowest point since September 2008, there may be trouble ahead. Some analysts predict that the stock market will crash by 50% or more sometime this year.

“The beautiful thing about Bucket Bliss is that the client can understand it,” says a delighted Swensen. “They understand why bucket number one is invested conservatively and why bucket number two is invested more aggressively. When they understand where their money is coming from and when, then they experience a level of investment confidence they never imagined possible. They sleep well at night because they know that a bad day in the stock market impacts only a portion of their total portfolio.”

The Last Advisor platform and the Bucket Bliss Strategy are designed exclusively for investment advisors who are committed to transforming their business and growing their assets under management. To learn more, visit