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Brace Yourself – What You should Know About Your Child’s Dental Care

It’s always a surprise when you see an adult with braces, but it can be equally jarring to see them on children who are not yet teenagers. Seeing such young children with braces may raise a few questions, why are young children having orthodontic work done? Is it necessary? Is this something parents of younger children […]

Dr. Roger Bassin, Florida Plastic Surgeon, Restores Hair With Minimally Invasive Procedures

Roger Bassin, MD, a Florida Plastic Surgeon, has Hair Restoration Centers in Orlando and Tampa that exclusively offer the latest available technologies in minimally invasive hair restoration. Recent advances in hair restoration procedures have further developed Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) using automation-assistance and robotics to precisely harvest individual healthy hair follicles. Older procedures required the […]

Thaddaeus Biediger and Premier Roofing: An Inspiring Example Of Small Business Innovation

Thaddaeus Biediger is passionate about the San Antonio community — and it shows. After eight years in residential and commercial roofing in the San Antonio area, Biediger has built an impressive reputation through his company Premier Roofing and Contracting. A top provider of roofing services, Premier has received multiple Angie’s List awards and currently is a preferred […]

Eileen Campbell, RN, Helps Hospitals Stop HCAHPS Scores From Backsliding

As founder and CEO of Boost Patient Experiences, Eileen Campbell has emerged as an expert in helping hospitals stop the backsliding of HCAHPS scores. Understanding that to create sustainable patient experiences, patient satisfaction efforts need to be much deeper than “smile training,” Eileen harnesses more than 30 years of experience on both the hospital side […]

BottomLine Advantage Increases Company Profits By Slashing Operating Budgets

There are many thousands of dollars of waste in every company’s operating budget. Companies simply lack the “industry insider” knowledge needed to achieve optimal cost. “We know most companies are overpaying their copier vendors,” says David Cantliffe, founder and president of BottomLine Advantage LLC. “Our “insider” knowledge and system allows us to recover a minimum […]

Behind The Music Of Doreen Taylor Is Her Gift Of Giving

Giving is a gift that award winning singer, songwriter and international recording artist, Doreen Taylor graciously weaves into her career. “If I can offer what I have been given as a gift, to maybe help a little,” explains Taylor, “that’s why I was put on this planet.” Much of Taylor’s music is directly tied to two […]

Branding Expert Glen Campbell Explains Why Richard Branson Is So Wildly Successful

Richard Branson appears on the surface to be nearly the opposite of what a successful leader is expected to be. Yet, he has accomplished more in his lifetime, built more companies, and created more wealth that most people can imagine. His achievements leave many business leaders scratching their heads and asking the question: How can this […]

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