Celebrity Entrepreneur Mentor Keri Murphy Reveals the “IT” Factor Secret to Using Video Marketing to Build a Brand

Keri Murphy Small Business Trendsetters

People that aren’t using video marketing, are losing customers and clients to the competitors who do. That’s the reality that Keri Murphy, TV host and CEO of Inspired Living, shares with her clients before she helps them transform themselves into the go-to celebrity expert in their field by igniting their “IT” factor on camera.

Miley Cyrus has “IT.” Nick Cannon has “IT.” Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher both have “IT.”

“Everyone knows what ‘It’ is, they just don’t believe they have it,” shares Keri. Keri’s clients describe her as a warm, honest, funny and captivating teacher who can spot and cultivate the “IT” factor to help them shine on-camera and also in their lives.

Current research proves the growing power of video marketing to increase leads and sales. According to comScore, website visitors are 64% more likely to make an online purchase after watching a video. According to Forbes Insight, 59% of senior executives would rather watch a video than read text, and 45% of those that view a video will click through to contact the vendor.

“I’m happy that more business owners are discovering the power of video,” says Keri with her trademark smile. “The problem is that so many of them are doing it wrong. They’re projecting an inauthentic image in their attempt to attract customers and clients. And they’re failing at a time when it’s more important than ever to get it right.”

Keri explains that to be successful, your approach must be authentic. “People don’t want to do business with your business, they want to do business with you,” explains Keri. “Your personality is your business whether it’s funny, quirky, or even a little bit vulgar. Get over yourself. Be who you are without the fear of being judged. Always speak from the heart.”

Having worked as an on-camera talent for more than 20 years for networks such as FOX, E!, The Golf Channel, MTV, and TV Guide, Keri uses her entrepreneurial savvy to help others create a life and business they love. In 2013, the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship recognized her expertise by selecting her to be a mentor in the program. She’s currently sharpening the skills of two entrepreneurs in Jamaica.

Through her celebrity interviews on Inspired Living TV, speaking engagements, and entrepreneur mentoring programs, Keri is committed to help people around the globe make a difference and create a legacy.

To learn more about how Keri can help you create videos with ease that attracts the right clients and convert them into sales, visit InspiredLiving.tv.