Behind The Music Of Doreen Taylor Is Her Gift Of Giving

Giving is a gift that award winning singer, songwriter and international recording artist, Doreen Taylor graciously weaves into her career. “If I can offer what I have been given as a gift, to maybe help a little,” explains Taylor, “that’s why I was put on this planet.”

Much of Taylor’s music is directly tied to two things: family and charity. She uses her music to educate and is an advocate for many organizations.

In a release by Rutgers Today, research being done at Rutgers–Camden suggests movie stars, musical performers, and other celebrities who are associated with philanthropic causes help increase financial support from the public.

Erica Harris, an assistant professor of accounting at the Rutgers School of Business-Camden, was quoted in the release as saying, “It’s easy to say that if you have a celebrity on board, you’re going to get more donations, however, we find that celebrities also offer a credibility signal to donors, which is especially important for nonprofit organizations.”

One of Taylor’s first projects was a tribute to her grandfather and the WWII era. A generous portion of the profits of the limited edition book/CD Taylor created were donated to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation.

She is also an advocate for Stop CAID Now, St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, Jaws Youth Playbook and acted as a past honorary chair for the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Bucks Country “For Kid’s Sake Gala.”

The tour for Taylor’s breakout album, “Magic” in 2013-2014 was a complete sell-out. “Every single show we did was tied to a charity that was local to the area,” stated the artist. “I wanted to not only come into that town, I wanted to give something back before I left.”

Both of Taylor’s parents were teachers who instilled in her the values of family and helping others.  She credits them for her ‘normal upbringing.’ “I’m the type of person who grew up in a very modest home,” she said candidly. “I know it sounds weird to say that, in this day and age, but we were just a normal, loving family.”

Taylor’s childhood memories of visiting national parks with her family gave her inspiration to create “Colors of the USA,” which is being touted as a new anthem.  Fifty percent of the proceeds from each download will be donated to the National Parks Conservation Association to help protect our national parks for future generations.

Clark Bunting, President and CEO of the NPCA, had this to say about Taylor being chosen to collaborate on a song about our nation’s parks: “Doreen’s incredible voice and her beautiful song have the power to connect people to America’s most glorious places, our national parks.”

“Our country needs this,” proclaims Taylor, “We need to get our youth back into the parks because when you think of the national parks, you think of an older generation. We need to get our children out there, let them see what I had seen when I was five, six, seven. It was a fun way to learn.”

Asked if Taylor had plans for children in her future and if she would take them to our national parks, she answered: “If I ever have a child, which, I think at some point I would really like to, because I feel like I have a lot of love to give, yes, absolutely.”  “At this point, that’s probably why I gravitate towards children’s charities.”

“My mom became a stay-at-home-mom and gave up her career to take care of us. I value that she did that for us because I had an upbringing that was just something so special and we were able to do those things like go to the parks,” she added.

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