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Author and Speaker, Lee H. Eisenstaedt Helps C-Level Executives Succeed

We see press releases and corporate announcements of newly installed CEO’s almost every day. We hear a lot about the new executive’s rise to the top and congratulations are certainly in order, but what we don’t hear much about is the performance stress many of them experience because that big, beautiful office comes with a […]

Disability Attorney Scott Kolligian Explains The SSD Denial Appeal Process

If your application for Social Security disability has been denied, you’re probably wondering what to do next. Visit the Social Security website, and you can read the basics about the appeal process: First, you file an appeal, or “reconsideration.” If the reconsideration doesn’t reverse your denial … … you can request a hearing with an […]

Rich Casanova Turns Pro Business Channel Into Holy Grail Of Content Creation

In the heart of the Atlanta business district of Buckhead lies a hidden gem that attracts some of the most influential people in the state of Georgia and beyond to talk about nothing other than business. Rich Casanova has stepped in to fill a vacuum for businesses by creating Pro Business Channel and giving them […]

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