Bernadette Pughe, From TPD’s Portland Healthcare Connector, Is Becoming Bridge City’s Go To Resource For Healthcare Staffing

TPD’s Portland Healthcare Connector provides healthcare organizations in the Portland, Oregon Metro area sourcing opportunities with top healthcare talent in the region. TPD’s Portland Healthcare connector was created to connect qualified healthcare professionals seeking opportunities in the healthcare field who want a steady career path in the growing industry. TPD’s Portland healthcare connector has partnered with healthcare centers in the region to ensure qualified individuals are providing excellent patient care. With over twenty years in the healthcare field the team from TPD’s Portland Healthcare Connector has worked with many healthcare centers and many applicants to understand all of the nuances required to connect the right organization with the right individual, resulting in the right fit for all parties involved.

“We partner with healthcare centers for several specialized services including our RN To The Rescue Program, Top Techs, The Culture Check Up and TPD’s S3 Program,” stated Pughe. “Our philosophy to drive growth and consistency are built with three pillars of integrity: people, partners and performance. Our healthcare partners get access to our deep talent pool of pre-qualified candidates to ensure both a talent and culture match for their organizations,” added Pughe.

The healthcare industry is a large generator of jobs in the Portland Metro area with four of the top 10 employers in the region combining for about 47,000 jobs. There are strong indicators of continued growth in the sector throughout the region at all wage levels and the team at TPD’s Portland Healthcare Connector have been ahead of the curve working with organizations to optimize staffing levels as well as implementing programs to improve workplace culture for higher employee engagement, which translates into happier patients.

TPD’s Portland Healthcare Connector is ISO certified, which means TPD is audited both internally and externally each year by a third party to ensure quality and client satisfaction levels are measured and achieved. The ISO certification provides healthcare organizations that work with TPD another layer of staffing quality and ownership of accountability because TPD is monitored based on that performance.

For readers who want to learn more about TPD’s Portland Healthcare Connector please visit their website here or call (855) 626-0311.