Personal Injury Florida Lawyer Reveals Steps To Getting Compensated From Injuries.

If you’ve suffered from personal injury through no fault of your own and are suffering it can be a very scary time.  Florida bar registered personal injury lawyer James O’Leano explains steps you can take to get compensation for your injuries and suffering.

James says, “While the black letters of the law may have been designed with the general population in mind, there are many aspects involved in litigating a claim that may not be easily understood at first glance. In this regard, I believe it is time and dedication to extensive research and practice that will truly aid an individual to better navigate the reputed complexities involved with civil litigation.”

James explains, “With that in mind, an average person working a different profession may not have the time or the want to learn and understand the law to just be able to better represent themselves in their one claim.”

James states,  “I help to solve their personal injury problems by providing them with legal representation that is underlined by the knowledge and experience I have acquired through nearly two decades of practicing law in south Florida. To further elaborate, as a board certified attorney my experience and competency have been rigorously evaluated in addition to having met the Florida Bar’s highest standards for special knowledge, skills and proficiency in various areas of law and professionalism and ethics in the practice of law. I also offer a more personalized relationship with my clients that I find to be relatively uncommon amongst other firms. To wit, I prefer in having an open door policy whereby all of my clients have my own personal cell phone number allowing them to have 24-hour access to my services.”

He also adds, “It is sometimes easy for clients to forget that they are not the only clients that I have a responsibility towards. For example, one client may contact me and express a dire need to have something resolved for them at that very moment without realizing that I may have to be in a courtroom for trial in the next twenty minutes for another client. As an officer of the court, you certainly want to please your clients as much as you can, within reason. However, dedicating time and working diligently for any one particular client may sometimes manifest into a certain sense of privilege for him or her. It’s not necessarily a negative notion to have, in fact in many respects it’s completely natural, but it is just one of the realities that come with the profession. After all, a client may have selected me out of countless other available attorneys they may have researched for help because they truly feel that they have been wronged. That thought isn’t lost on me and I will always strive to do the best that I can for all of my clients, but no one can do everything at once and sometimes a client may need a friendly reminder that they aren’t the only one in need.”

Finally, James says, “Every person’s case is different and as a result the underlying facts for each case will always have an influence on the degree of difficulty involved in its litigation. Perhaps the most important facts involved in any personal injury case are the type of accident the person was involved in (slip and fall, motor vehicle accident, etc.), and the extent of the injuries the client may have suffered and thus the amount of damages to be sought in their claim.

When a client comes in for a consultation, we will usually go over the facts of their case. Once I feel I understand all of the facts involved in a prospective client’s case, I may inform them of the kind of recovery they can reasonably expect, if at all, from the facts involved in their case. It’s always important to point out to prospective clients that no case is absolutely certain to recover damages since anything is possible in litigation. Sometimes it is that feeling of uncertainty that a client may find particularly off-putting. They may feel that filing a claim with so much uncertainty encompassing their future prospects of recovery is simply not worth their time or effort. Moreover, there are instances when a prospective client has been involved in an accident and may be seeking to file a claim in large part because they feel they have been wronged in a great way; however, they simply may not have suffered damages in any significant fashion that will lead to the recovery they believe they are due.”

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