Charles “Walt” Wilson From Private Pension By Design Interviewed On Business Innovators Magazine Radio Show

Charles “Walt” Wilson from Private Pension by Design was recently interviewed on the Business Innovators Magazine radio show. The Business Innovators radio show features interviews with a wide variety of innovative business leaders, from early-career entrepreneurs to icons like Mark Cuban and Jeff Bezos. Mike Saunders’ interview with Charles “Walt” Wilson was published on April 15, 2016.

In this thought-provoking and informative interview, listeners learn about Charles “Walt” Wilson’s unconventional, innovative, and unique approach to retirement planning. Wilson puts this approach to retirement planning into practice with his clients at Private Pension by Design, the business he started in 2006, where he tailors his advice to each of his clients and provides actionable financial planning assistance intended to help his clients keep as much of their lifetime earnings as possible during their later years.

Making use of expertise gained from a 40-year career in the life insurance sector of the financial services industry, Wilson educates and informs his clients about alternative retirement plan options and works with them to craft innovative and unconventional retirement plans that provide tax advantages (some are even tax-free) and guarantee an income source for their post-retirement years.

Ultimately, Wilson’s goal is to help his clients maintain control over their own money and their ability to access it, both now and in the future. The most important, but often overlooked factor is discovering all of the places money flows out of their control into places that are not productive. By re-directing these sources into accounts that have income benefit for the account holder, financial stability can begin to grow.

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