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MT2 Firing Range Services Conduct Virtual Summit for Gun Range Maintenance: “Critical Moves for FFL’s to Optimize Firing Range Operations Through Uncertain Times”

Constantly looking for ways to provide relevant content to support the firing range community, MT2 aligned with an industry partner, FFL Consultants, to bring high-level teaching for FFL’s and firing ranges to understand key concepts to help them make wise decisions in operating their range or retail business. MT2 is the Firing Range Lead Management […]

Kristina Jacobs, International Best Selling Author Exclusive Interview 

Women Innovators Host Tami Patzer talked with International Best-selling Author Kristina Jacobs in an exclusive interview about the recent release of her ninth poetry chapbook All the Purple Days and The Next Level Publishing company. Kristina Jacobs’ background is in teaching and writing. “For many years, I worked in higher education, working with adult learners.” […]

Proponent of STEM for Girls Makes it Big in Amazon with Her New Book

Shannon Wilkinson, a technology expert and entrepreneur, is quickly building her identity as an author. Her recently released book “Ripping Off The Hoodie: Encouraging the Next Generation of STEM Girls” is now an Amazon bestseller in five categories. The book has also performed extremely well in Amazon Canada, and is currently amongst the top ten.  […]

Increase followership and loyalty with a conversation.

Article by Stephanie Bickel of Speak by Design I watched him come to life. He was more expressive – eyes big. He was sitting taller. No wasted words or fillers. He was inspiring in his clarity and emphasis. I didn’t have to record this or write it down – his brevity and conciseness made it unforgettable. […]

I Can’t Breathe: George Floyd Documentary Now Streaming onJRQTV

On May 25th, 2020, George Floyd was killed by four Minneapolis Police Officers. Even though his voice was taken away, the nation continues to speak for him. Before his death, he was heard pleading, “I Can’t Breathe.” These words will remind us of this man for generations. As the news spread about George Floyd and […]

The “Ecosystem” Course Deserves a Closer Look

Is it possible to make $100k in 42 days? Why would someone make such an outrageous statement? Coach Richard Fletcher claims to have the secrets to that elusive steady flow of clients – and he also refuses to use paid adverts to achieve it. While this might sound like the usual pie-in-the-sky claim from an […]

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