“Mumpreneur” Margaret Thorli Explores Real Issues with Real Strategies to Offer Real Results!

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Successful “mumpreneur,” Margaret Thorli, is a CEO, well-known public speaker, inspirational trainer and career mentor for single women and lone parents, business owner of H &R Professionals, an organization helping thousands reach their full potential and author of A Single Mother and the Dating Game: tips on how to manoeuvre the dating minefield and 8 Tips to A Better Relationship: ideas on how to have a great and loving relationship, two extraordinary guides that are helping many individuals to successfully get back in the game!

Years ago, Thorli recognized that single parents, who are running a home single-handedly, tend to forget  about themselves, and their needs, and what is needed to remain healthy in mind, body and spirit. They gravitate towards losing sight of who they are as a person, rather than focusing on what their strengths are and fine-tuning themselves in those areas. CEO of H & R Professionals, Thorli, and her well-crafted programs, get individuals who are in these stagnant areas of life back on track and able to re-discover who they are so that they can re-enter the world with confidence. 

Her mission of H & R Professionals’ workshops and programs, and books, A Single Mother and the Dating Game: tips on how to manoeuvre the dating minefield and 8 Tips to A Better Relationship: ideas on how to have a great and loving relationship is to help single mothers, and lone parents, from feeling stuck to feeling empowered!  

And, in today’s challenging world, where jumping back into the professional world is a bit more challenging, many individuals find themselves at a disadvantage. H & R Professionals is unique as they work with people who are not receiving government assistance so they, from the start, are facing challenges that can be debilitating. As Covid-19, has been a major cause of businesses cutting staffs or even shutting their doors, this has been a huge factor as to why thousands have had difficulties gaining meaningful employment. Understandably, this creates anxiety and worry as these individuals are alone in supporting their children. H & R Professionals offers online courses and strategies that focus, on the lone parent’s needs, with customized tools to assist them. 

H & R Professionals programs, and events, include a variety of topics including: 

  • A Brighter Future for our Children and Keeping them Safe – An event geared towards showing lone parents how easy it is for their children to be groomed into a life of crime and tips for helping protect them from this type of downward spiral.
  • PEP (Parents Engagement Panel) – Women leaders in the community work to motivate and inspire future women leaders with thoughtful and candid discussions.
  • 1-2-1 Business Coaching
  • Intensive CV Workshop
  • Universal Benefit Cap Workshop: Make the most of your newfound unemployment
  • Business Growth Workshop: Grow your business to incredible levels

Thorli also recognizes that the world we find ourselves in has drastically changed as far as expectations in dating which in turn offer additional complicated challenges for lone parents to decipher and navigate through successfully. Finding balance in this situation can be considered near impossible. Readers of A Single Mother and the Dating Game: tips on how to manoeuvre the dating minefield will enjoy the light-hearted, honest approach that Thorli takes in delivering practical tips on managing a household while being employed, overseeing finances and raising children all while doing her best to appear in control. 

Here’s what others have to say about Margaret Thorli’s A Single Mother and the Dating Game: Tips on how to manoeuvre the dating minefield:

“This book is a must read for all not just for single mothers but also single fathers or even for married or unmarried. It gives an insight to the difficulties encountered by anyone who is single with child/children responsibilities. The stigma attached to being a single mother and the barriers of moving on in life after a lengthy period of absence in the dating world.” – Lula, Amazon purchase customer

“From the heart, as a single mama this book spoke to me and gave me hope. I especially loved the beautiful poems and handy tips.” – Amy, Amazon purchase customer

As Thorli’s mission with all of her products, whether it is with her online coaching programs, books or messages given through speaking engagements, it’s that in order to move forward you must invest in yourself! She wishes to educate, inspire and empower and that is exactly what each of her products does. Her wish for everyone, she connects with, is to not only survive but thrive!

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Mark Stephen Pooler is a Professional Speaker, International Bestselling Author, host of Business Innovators Radio and contributor to Small Business Trendsetters and Business Innovators Magazine covering Influencers, Innovators and Trendsetters in Business.