Jane Baker Shares Her Secret to Success in New Book ‘She Lives Limitlessly’

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Is it possible for an entrepreneur to go from making no sales at all to earning 40k every single month, all in the space of just 30 days? Many people would have you believe that it’s not, but Jane Baker is here to prove that it is. 

Jane is a go-getter, and she does not stop until she achieves her goals. By age 21 she had already established an internationally successful business, so she knows a thing or two about getting things off the ground. She then started her current sales coaching business in 2013, and since then she has earned multiple awards, substantial respect in her field, and enviable financial success. 

Her work revolves around helping her clients scale up their earnings and sales packages. She has given struggling start-ups the boost they need to achieve consistent 10-20k months, helped already high-earners double their income, and taken businesses from making nothing to six figures in mere months. 

Her secret (which isn’t really all that secret) is that she is willing to take the big risks necessary to propel her towards success. She’s had to make some pretty bold moves in her time, much to the shock of the people around her. But Jane is determined, and she knows how to approach business from new, innovative angles. 

When she decided to move into coaching, she walked away from her first hugely successful business to step into the unknown. And it wasn’t all plain sailing. In the first six months, she followed all the advice of established sales gurus, but still struggled to make a single sale.  Despite these months of setbacks, she refused to give up. Instead, she realised that these typical steps were not going to work for her, and she decided to try something new. She implemented her own ideas and actionable strategies, and from there her sales sky-rocketed. 

Within a month, she had accelerated her business beyond what many would think possible, going from no sales at all to making 40k a month. 

Her book, She Lives Limitlessly, offers an inside look into how she managed to pull off such a dramatic transformation so quickly and successfully. However, if you want tips and tricks that are bold, profitable, and personalised to you and your business, then Jane’s courses and one-to-one coaching could be exactly what you need. 

Jane’s insights are fresh and exciting, and they cover everything from leveraging your time effectively and selling through social media, to pitching like a pro and making those all-important high-end sales. She can help you supercharge your business and income, and uses her own experiences to back herself up. 

What Jane offers is the opportunity for you to really unleash your potential. Clients of hers have commented on how much she has helped them scale up their sales, all while freeing up more free time for themselves and their families. If you’re offered the chance to live limitlessly, why wouldn’t you take it? 

Jane’s book She Lives Limitlessly is available here: https://www.janebakercoach.com/book/

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