Hannah Yaawusuah Adjepong: Founder of Inspire & Bless Says Her Calling in Life Was Solidified by A Landmark Moment in Time

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Hannah Yaawusuah Adjepong’s life may have taken a very different course if it weren’t for a fortuitous event that changed that trajectory permanently. Today, as the founder of Inspire & Bless, she credits that moment in time for her resulting vocation focused on teaching children through life-affirming stories. 

Hannah grew up in an era when school was not a given for children in her home of Ghana. As the youngest of 10 children, she instead worked on her family’s farm, from birth to an age where she was able to pull up weeds, which was very normal.  However, landmark free compulsory education was implemented and Hannah says she immediately knew that she would make the most of her time in the classroom and pay forward the opportunity she had been given.   

Today, she owns and operates Inspire & Bless that hosts workshops in the local community for children up to age 11, and adults during which participants create stories inspired by the coinciding experience-sharing, poetry, story-telling and group interaction. Ideally, Hannah likes to undertake first session on line before face to face meeting.  She takes the children and parents through a simple and fun step-by-step method of creating stories unique to their family. She also has an online store through which she offers a variety of books, poems and games. Both her products and presentations are built on the concept of life-affirming stories. Unlike conventional stories, Hannah says that the life-affirming story creation method she teaches allows for invention at any time – in the car, on walks, during family vacations, or around the dinner table. 

“I believe with my whole heart that life-affirming stories enhance opportunistic learning – which is simple, fun and memorable. The stories reinforce essential life skills in children such as effective listening, problem-solving and public speaking,” said Hannah. “It’s wonderful to see how engaged children get in the story creation process. Its equally rewarding to see how parents and children alike take their new-found skills home and create family stories and story-telling traditions that can be passed down.”

Hannah has taught her workshops in well over 40 schools and is a distinguished member of the International Society of Poets in addition to serving as a guest speaker for a number of educational organizations. 

“Children can associate the stories they create with real-life happenings to help them understand and deal with those. With mental health such a serious issue today, children need outlets for dealing with complex emotions and situations,” she explained.

“As a mother and grandmother, life-affirming stories are at the heart of our family sharing and have provided an amazing way of creating a strong bond across the generations. They have also provided a means of sharing how I was able to get to this point in my life through a stroke of good timing and good fortune,” She added.  

For more information about Inspire & Bless, go to inspireandbless.com.

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