Proponent of STEM for Girls Makes it Big in Amazon with Her New Book

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Shannon Wilkinson, a technology expert and entrepreneur, is quickly building her identity as an author. Her recently released book “Ripping Off The Hoodie: Encouraging the Next Generation of STEM Girls” is now an Amazon bestseller in five categories. The book has also performed extremely well in Amazon Canada, and is currently amongst the top ten. 

Science and gender equality can play a critical role in ensuring that the world reaches sustainable development goals, and several measures have been implemented in the recent years to help inspire women and girls to study and work in technical fields. However, female students and employees are still significantly under-represented in STEM-related fields. Also, women choosing to pursue a STEM career often have to deal with unequal pay and restricted career progression. Moreover, their economic growth and social progress is also adversely affected by gender disparities.  

Shannon Wilkinson’s book is a sincere effort from the author to encourage young girls to pursue careers in STEM related fields. In this book, she discusses how factors such as gender bias, sexual harassment, and workplace discrimination have pushed girls away from education and careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). In a book designed for educators and parents, Shannon also explores different avenues to encourage next generation of girls to excel in STEM related fields. 

A highly experienced technology entrepreneur, Shannon Wilkinson is the CEO and Co-Founder of a cybersecurity threat intelligence company named Tego Cyber Inc. She is a graduate of UNLV with a Bachelor’s in Management Information Systems and has completed her Master’s in Information Systems Management from the University of Phoenix. Shannon spent twelve years overseas with the United Nations, building mission-critical software platforms for its Department of Peacekeeping Operations. 

As a serial entrepreneur and angel investor, Shannon has been the driving force behind the launch of numerous startups in the field of distributed ledger technology, encryption, cybersecurity, and data integrity. As a result of her professional excellence, she was recognized as the 2017 Las Vegas Women in Technology Entrepreneur and 2018 Las Vegas Women in Technology – Cybersecurity. Shannon has also been featured as a Top 100 Women in Las Vegas in 2017 and 2018 in MyVegas Magazine.

In spite of her hectic schedule, Shannon has always been an active supporter of girls in STEM. To encourage young girls choose their career paths, she regularly mentors them. Her new book is extremely likely to cause a paradigm shift in the current scenario by inspiring more young women to pursue careers in STEM. 

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