Nick Sakalis New York Real Estate Agent – The Hidden Real Estate Deals

Nick Sakalis

When trying to get into the real estate market (either for personal use or for “flipping” purposes), it can be frustrating to find good deals. That’s because there’s a good chance the best deals are being “hidden.” Here’s what should be known about this situation.Hidden Real Estate DealsHidden real estate deals are those that are not listed on the market for various reasons. … [Read more...]

Philippe Choplin Manhattan & Brooklyn Real Estate Agent – Are Real Estate Agents and Brokers Still Needed?

Phil 2015 ID1 websize

Today technology and the Internet have changed the role of the real estate agent. Information is found easily and more quickly. This has made it easier for real estate agents to get the job done more quickly. They have many roles today as the agent, negotiator, sales rep, and community resource for information. Technology has shifted the role of the agent from someone that … [Read more...]

Joshua Inglis Chicago Real Estate Broker – “3 Important Things Home Sellers Should Know”

Joshua Inglis

Home sellers can choose how their home is sold. Depending on the choices they make, the process can be long and arduous or it can be short and fruitful. On too many occasions, home sellers focus on little trivialities instead of focusing what is most important.Joshua Inglis, a Chicago real estate broker, explained it best when he said "There are three questions that people need … [Read more...]

Natalie Klun Realtor, Broker and Author Talks About Turning Real Estate Into A People Business

Natalie Klun

Natalie Klun, broker and author of Taking the Sell out of Sales, joins us to discuss her process of turning real estate sales into a people business, not a numbers game, using the B.A.N.K. sales training system. In this interview she tells us how this system helps one connect to all clientele, based on personality types and understanding the values of other people.SBT: What do … [Read more...]

Ishmael Omondi Fort Worth Dallas Realtor Talks About First-Time Home Buyers


Ishmael Omondi Fort Worth Dallas Realtor at Century 21 Mike Bowman talks about first-time home buyers, their problems when they are out there looking for a house to buy, and how he helps them to get the right deal by being the right real estate agent for them.SBT: Today my guest is Ishmael Omondi who is a real estate agent at Century 21 Mike Bowman. Tell us about yourself, your … [Read more...]

Business Innovators Radio Hosts Strategic Real Estate Broker Christina Macro


Noted real estate professional Christina Macro was the esteemed guest in a recently aired episode of the widely-followed radio show Business Innovators Radio. During the interview with the show host Alicia Dibrell, Christina shared tons of useful information related to hassle-free buying and selling of homes.Christina was born and raised on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and moved to … [Read more...]

Real Estate Expert Bob Wiley Shares Tips for First Time Home Buyers on Business Innovators Radio


In a recent episode of the popular radio show Business Innovators Radio, the show host Alicia Dibrell interviewed experienced real estate professional Bob Wiley. This interview was primarily focused on addressing the common issues faced by the first-time home buyers.Born and brought up in Baltimore City, Bob Wiley has almost three decades of sales experience in customer-focused … [Read more...]

Texas All-Star Marilyn Agee, Ranch, Farm and Horse Property Realtor Meets Niche Market Demands of Equine Realty


Marilyn Agee, Texas Ranch, Farm and Horse Property Realtor has spent the last 5 years helping ranchers, farmers and horse owners find, buy and sell unique properties to meet her clients requirements. Agee is a specialty realtor with in-depth knowledge of ranch, farm and horse properties in the San Antonio/Austin Texas area. She is a horse owner herself and believes that a … [Read more...]

Real Estate Pro Chris Hinova: 23 Tips To Hosting A Successful Open House


Constantin “Chris” Hinova is a Certified Negotiation Expert at Prominent Properties, Sotheby’s International Realty in Hoboken, New Jersey. He offers 23 tips to host a successful open house. “Assuming your home is presentable, spotless from top to bottom, priced correctly and located in a high traffic area, here are some tips to improve the odds your house will sell at an open … [Read more...]

L.A. Real Estate Investor Barrington Malcolm Sees Chinese Buying Trend


Los Angeles Real Estate Investor Barrington Malcolm continues to see the trend of Chinese buyers flooding cash into the L.A. market as China's economy slows, seeking stable investment opportunities in Southern California's real estate. Market Realist, confirms this in an article which states, "Buyers from China invested about $12 billion in US real estate in 2015 and in the … [Read more...]