Real Estate Investor and Mentor Vinney Chopra Discusses the Importance of Positive Mindset in His New Amazon Bestseller

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Acclaimed multifamily syndication expert, motivational guru, and mentor Vinney Chopra has achieved the feat of writing two Amazon bestsellers in two years. In 2019, Vinney made a successful debut as an author with his first Amazon bestseller “Apartment Syndication Made Easy: A Step by Step Guide.” His second book “Positivity Brings Profitability” is currently the #1  Amazon bestseller in several categories. In this book, Vinney has discussed how a positive mindset can lead to success in all aspects of life.

“Whether you are in real estate investing or really any line of work, you will learn in this book how to keep a positive mindset and build long lasting relationships that will bring you a truly profitable life,” Vinney said about his new book. “The lessons you will learn in this book you will be able to translate into all areas of life including but not limited to your relationships with others, your business life and personal life.”

Vinney Chopra’s success story is a true testament to the power of enthusiasm, passion, persistence and positivity.  With $7 in his pockets, he came to the United States from India more than 40 years ago. A bachelor’s degree holder in mechanical engineering, Vinney completed his MBA degree from the George Washington University. During this phase of his life, he sold Bibles and educational books door-to-door to support his studies.

Today, Vinney Chopra has established a real estate portfolio worth over $380,000,000. His highly successful syndication business has now grown to over 4300 apartment and senior living doors in just 12 short years. He manages four successful companies that include Moneil Investment Group, Moneil Senior Living, Moneil Management Group, Multifamily Academy and Youth Academy.

Vinney has always been a strong believer of an individual’s ability to shape the world around him or her through positive thought and selfless actions. For more than three decades, he has been a professional fundraising consultant and motivational speaker. He is frequently seen in numerous podcasts and seminars discussing topics such as balanced living, goal setting, enthusiasm, positive thinking, fundraising, etc.  

Recommending Vinney’s new book, a highly impressed reader says, “Vinney’s stories and explanations about how he’s able to attribute positivity to his massive success means a great deal to me as an investor. It helps develop resiliency and allows your business to thrive and spill over into your personal and every other aspect of life. This read will make you feel better about yourself wherever you are and inspire you to achieve your max potential. His spirit of positivity is infectious! Highly recommended.”

“Positivity Brings Profitability” can be purchased via Amazon in Kindle as well as Paperback versions.

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