Reed Goossens Receives Accolades as an Author for His New Amazon Bestseller

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Well-known real estate investor, entrepreneur, and public speaker Reed Goossens is steadily making an impression these days as an adept author. Following the success of his previous book, Reed has recently become Amazon’s number one international bestseller with his recently released real estate guidebook “10,000 Miles to the American Dream: Our Story of Financial Freedom.” 

“10,000 Miles to the American Dream: Our Story of Financial Freedom” depicts the inspiring story of eight young and enterprising Aussies who migrated to the US to achieve financial freedom via America’s thriving real estate industry. Through this book, they have collaborated to reveal their unique perspectives and secrets to making it big as real estate investors in the United States. In this book, the readers will find the correct ways to invest in U.S real estate.

“Not only do you get introduced to a group of inspiring investors, you also learn great wealth building strategies! This is a must read for everyone, but also a great resource for those interested in real estate investing. The book was an enjoyable read, written from the heart with practical information that is actually actionable. The Aussie humor was an added bonus! Great job,” mentioned an impressed reader of Reeds’ new book.

Interestingly, “10,000 Miles to the American Dream: Our Story of Financial Freedom” is not Reed Goossens’ first book. His previous book “Investing in the US: The Ultimate Guide to US Real Estate” was a big hit amongst the aspiring real estate investors. In this step-by-step guide, Reed has shared knowledge built on almost a decade of real estate success and hundreds of millions of dollars worth of controlled assets, which has allowed him to achieve financial freedom, quit his job, and live life on his own terms.

“My real estate investing journey first started back in 2009 when I picked up the little purple book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiowsaki. This book opened my eyes to a world of entrepreneurship that I was not aware existed. Up until this point I was a subscriber to the conventional 9-5 career-path. Something inside of me didn’t want to comply to conventional norms, and that I knew I had more to give in my life then just sitting in a cubicle for the next 50 years of my life,” Reed says.

With his background in civil/structural engineering, Reed gained over 10 years of professional experience before getting involved full time into real estate investing and development. During this stage of his life, he was involved with infrastructure development of the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London. He moved to the US back in 2012 and purchased his first duplex within just one year. Since then Reed has gone on to start his own multifamily syndication-investing firm, Wildhorn Capital. To date his company controls over $250 mill worth of commercial real estate.

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