John Carney’s New Book “10,000 Miles to the American Dream: Our Story of Financial Freedom” Becomes Amazon’s #1 International Bestseller

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Real estate investment thought leader John Carney has once again hit the headlines by becoming a bestselling author in Amazon. His guidebook for aspiring real estate investors titled “10,000 Miles to the American Dream: Our Story of Financial Freedom” has recently become the number one international bestseller in Amazon. John Carney has written this book in collaboration with seven other Australians who migrated all the way to the US with the dream of making it big in America’s real estate market as investors.

In addition to being a real estate entrepreneur, adventure seeker, podcast host, and keynote speaker, John Carney is already an established author with several popular books.  His previous book “Real Estate is a Team Sport” covered all the bases for any international investor looking to purchase real estate in the USA, and was a big hit in Amazon. John is also the author of an eBook titled “The 7 Painful Mistakes Real Estate Investors Make.”

John Carney’s new book “10,000 Miles to the American Dream: Our Story of Financial Freedom” is the story of eight bold individuals who traveled 10,000 miles from Australia to the United States to explore the immense potential of the US real estate sector. The book describes how they started from scratch in America to collectively record over 600 million in transactions.

In a recently published Amazon review, an impressed reader states, “Fantastic Book from cover to cover! There is nothing more inspirational than witnessing the stories of individuals who have a big dream and go for it. This book is very detailed with the step by step actions needed to become a successful real estate investor.”

A highly sought-after international real estate investor and speaker, John is passionate about helping investors multiply their wealth by teaching them the techniques of building cash flow positive real estate asset and planning for the future. He grew up in a family of real estate developers and investors who bootstrapped their way to success. John’s number one value is hard work and he believes that investors can generate the best results by building relationships with their teams. John founded his USA-based real estate network America Property Source in 2010.

In spite of his hectic work schedule, John takes active interest in spending time outdoors, action sports, and travel. He is an avid CrossFitter, loves skiing and surfing, and often competes in Spartan Races. He strongly believes that there is no growth without a challenge. With this spirit, john loves challenging himself continuously to be better. 

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