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Business Owner, Tim Staggs, Helps People Reach Their Goals for a Healthy Lifestyle

December 22, 2016

Tim had always been an entrepreneur. When he was in elementary school he was thinking of different ways to make money. It started with buying fireballs and sourballs in bulk and selling them at school for 25 cents. That was the start of his entrepreneur journey and from there he has had multiple businesses. Tim’s […]

Melissa Mose, OCD Expert, Reveals Top Mistakes Parents Need to Avoid in Helping Kids With OCD

October 3, 2016

Well-intentioned parents often make damaging mistakes, unknowingly, while trying to help their teens with OCD. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a neuro-psychiatric disorder that affects roughly one in every 200 teens. In time and with proper treatment, it can be managed successfully, but too many parents inadvertently make mistakes that cause the symptoms to get […]

Lisa Ryan, Award-Winning Corporate Trainer and Speaker, Helps Businesses Retain Top Talent and Best Customers

June 22, 2016

Lisa Ryan, Connectors Choice Awards 2015 Corporate Event Speaker of the Year, wants to help business owners keep their most talented employees and best customers. Ryan, founder of Grategy, teaches gratitude strategies that can help engage employees to feel enthusiastic about their jobs. Ryan explains in a recent interview, “Nineteen percent of employees are actively […]

Luann Savage, Sr. Manager Send Out Cards, Relationship Marketing : Connect With The Consumer

June 1, 2016

According to, relationship marketing is about forming long-term relationships with customers. Rather than trying to encourage a one-time sale, relationship marketing tries to foster customer loyalty. As Luann Savage, Sr. Manager in Send Out Cards points out, “Everyone loves to be recognized and thanked. They long to feel appreciated. People won’t remember what you […]

Guests Sought For New Radio Show: Spiritual Destination From Angel Ministries Of Florida

May 29, 2016

Angel Ministries of Florida has teamed up with host Tamara Patzer to produce and create “Spiritual Destination,” an online radio show to be available via iTunes, Spreaker, Stitcher, YouTube and soon iHeart Radio. The Spiritual Destination Radio Show is an educational and informational program featuring guests who help others understand mind, body and soul spiritual […]

Mark Sacks Of ScoreItUp LSAT Prep Analyzes The Connection Between LSAT And Legal Success

May 26, 2016

Students planning on going to law school soon realize the importance of the LSAT, an exam designed to test the legal reasoning skills of all applicants to accredited U.S. law schools. A student’s LSAT score largely defines law school options and merit-based scholarship opportunities for would-be lawyers. But, how well does the LSAT correlate with […]

BBN Group Promotes Fayetteville Technical Community College Business Initiatives

May 18, 2016

Don Matheson, CEO of Matheson Marketing and Consulting, is a proponent of small business. He has been an entrepreneur since the early eighties, owning several successful businesses both local and international. He is also a member of the Harrison Elite Coaching Group and President of Business Builders Network (BBN), a local group of business owners […]

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