MT2 Firing Range Services Announces Their New Lead Credit Store Giving Gun Ranges More Options to Use Their Lead Recovery Credits.

MT2 Firing Range Services announces a value-added service to shooting ranges that gives them even more options to use their credit from lead reclamation projects on their firing range.

James M. Barthel, CEO of MT2 Firing Range Services said, “MT2 gives shooting ranges the easiest, safest, and most lucrative way to transform their range lead into profit by giving the range owner/manager the highest value for their reclaimed lead.  Clients who work with us quickly receive a check for the absolute highest value for their lead. No one reclaims more lead or pays more for their lead than MT2. We pay 60-90 cents per pound of lead!” Barthel continued, “we recommend before a firing range initiates a lead reclamation project that they require recent LME prices & payment documentation upfront in writing from the lead maintenance contractor. This is difficult for most contractors to provide and abide by, but because MT2 is the #1 largest nationwide professional firing contractor for both indoor and outdoor firing ranges, we guarantee to deliver this to our clients.”

Industry research by MT2 uncovered a need that gun ranges frequently complained about regarding receiving credit for their reclaimed lead: they either received a check weeks or months after the project was completed, oftentimes for much less than what they expected; or the credit in the store restricted them to purchasing a limited number of items such as only ammo and targets, and many times at pricing close to full retail. In addition to gun range lead cleanup services, MT2 Firing Range Services established a strategic alliance with a national distributor of firearms, ammunition and shooting accessories with a 16,000+ catalog of premium products from filters to firearms and more. Serving retail gun shops, major sporting goods stores, gun clubs, shooting ranges and government agencies since 1984, they are a supplier of nearly 100 of the world’s premier shooting industry manufacturers.

“You are not limited to using your lead credit for just bullets & targets at retail prices! We have negotiated highly preferred pricing for you.” continued Barthel.

Learn more about the MT2 store:

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About MT2 Firing Range Services:

MT2 is recognized industry wide for being the nation’s #1 largest professional provider of the full scale of outdoor and indoor gun range cleaning, environmental, maintenance and construction design/build services for both indoor and outdoor shooting ranges.

As the only firing range services provider with Nationwide operations, MT2 operates from our network of regional offices offering full 50 state coverage with OSHA and EPA certified work teams. MT2 has a Lead Management Plan that gets the job done right the 1st time with zero-tolerance for regulatory violations at over 3,000 ranges nationwide for Law Enforcement, Military and Commercial ranges in all 50 states. No one reclaims more lead or finishes a project faster than MT2!

Contact MT2 in your region to schedule your firing range project in as soon as 1-3 weeks.

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