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Jon Dowat Attorney at Law helps as Attorney and Financial Advisor

With the unstable economy making financial planning and allocation a matter of stress, here is one Jon Dowat , a bankruptcy and tax lawyer who with his uniquely named firm Thinking Out of the Box, Inc working out of Naperville, gives counsel to individuals seeking financial investment services or facing overwhelming debts. Dowat was merely […]

Doug Albee Owner D&H Motors Used Car Dealer Exposes Curbstoners

Doug Albee owns D&H Motors, a used car dealer, in Riverside CA which has been at the same location for 42 years.  Mr. Albee prides himself on helping uninformed used car buyers get the value they want from their used car purchase and never being ripped off. On top of Mr. Albee’s list of consumer […]

Atlanta Marketing Expert Neil Howe Announces New Authority Service for Small Businesses

Neil Howe, CEO of Howe Marketing Consultants, believes that in today’s more competitive marketplace, gaining celebrity recognition and becoming an educator and authority in your field of expertise are keys to small business success. Being on the first page of Google is no longer enough for small businesses to stand out. Atlanta-based, Howe Marketing Consultants […]

Leading Talent Development Coach Explains How Visionary Leaders are Made

The recent 2014 Trends in Executive Development: A Benchmark Report stated that the most important capability needed in the emerging generation of leaders is the skill to create a compelling vision and engage others, namely employees and customers,  into it. This is a surprising change from previous years where critical thinking has always been considered […]

In Response To The Bad Economy, Howe Marketing Consultants Announce Service To Help Businesses Increase Conversion In New Progressive Search.

Atlanta, GA. USA. – Howe Marketing Consultants announce their authority marketing system to help small business owners get positioned as the authority in their market and increase their value to generate higher paying customers, patients and clients. “The climate in online search is changing. There is now a secondary search going on after the initial […]

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