Cathie Hook Seeks Balance As Executive Director of Granby, Colorado Chamber of Commerce

Many Chambers of Commerce focus their attention on supporting the businesses that make up their membership. This is often in the form of workshops about better business practices, networking events to allow businesses in a community to get to know one another, or providing other resources to local businesses.

Other Chambers see their mission as promoting the local businesses to both area residents and visitors, with the intent of increasing business for the chamber’s members. This often includes organizing and promoting festivals, tours or other public events.

Support or Promote? Cathie Hook, the Granby Colorado Chamber of Commerce’s Executive Director doesn’t see those goals as mutually exclusive. Cathie, her Board of Directors, and members of the Granby Chamber seek to strike a balance between those goals, with the result focused on the community.

“We see Granby as a strong “service provider” to all of Grand County, Hook said. “We’re midway between the wonderful recreational anchors of Winter Park Ski Resort and Rocky Mountain National Park / Grand Lake on either end of this beautiful valley.”

“That, and our strong history as the center of the Middle Park ranching community have made us the valley’s service center. This is where you’ll find virtually everything that you need, from grocery stores, auto mechanics and building supplies to architects, attorneys and a regional medical center”, she went on to say.

Those businesses not only support the needs of our local residents, but the huge number of visitors that come year round.

The area’s attractions aren’t buildings or theme parks, but an abundance of outdoor recreational activities. Winter season brings skiers, both downhill and cross country, and snowmobilers. Large mountain lakes and world class trout streams make fishing a year round activity. Literally hundreds of miles of hiking and mountain biking paths make those activities three season affairs for many.

“When our local businesses can support all those local and visitor needs, and the Granby Chamber of Commerce can support those businesses, we all win”, Hook said.  “Our goal is to help our business owner members to provide the very best experience for everyone. When that happens, those businesses AND our community thrive.”

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