REI Specialist Franklin A. Cruz Helps Investors Gain Wealth With Real Estate

Franklin A. Cruz, Real Estate Investor and Managing Member of Bentley Private Fund, knows firsthand the cost of calling yourself a guru before you really are one.

“I see so much confusion about where to start with real estate investing. I can relate, because I thought I knew it all too when I first starting investing part time while still serving in the Army. Fourteen years later, I get to help new investors avoid the same mistakes I made.” said Cruz.

World-renowned motivational speaker and bestselling self-help author Tony Robbins also trumpets the importance of getting a mentor. He encourages new entrepreneurs to surround themselves with successful people.“Who you spend the most time with is who you become”

Robbins said during a recent interview with NBC. He added: “getting yourself in proximity with people that are succeeding will rub off on you. You will begin to think like they think. You begin to see things differently and notice opportunities you might not have otherwise. The same can happen with unsuccessful people, so be mindful of your circle.”

Franklin looks to remove the headaches that come with getting started in real estate investing. He developed automated systems that alleviate anxiety and confusion that many investors suffer through during their first deals. For years, his methods have been helping newbie investors make immediate breakthroughs.

“Franklin is approachable and easy to learn from. His hands-on real estate investing methods are top notch and produce quick results. Real estate estate investing can be the best way to attract wealth, and Franklin provided me with the guidance I needed to get there as fast as possible.”

“In only 10 minutes with Franklin, I got tips that still make me money. This guy is the real deal!” – Rob

“After working with Franklin and using his systems, I have noticed massive improvement in my general productivity. Not to mention, I am making a ton of money. There is no time like the present to take action.”   – Omar

As an Army veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom himself, Mr. Cruz offers a special Military Mentorship for Veterans or Active Duty Military members. For more information on Franklin Cruz visit his website at: