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Austin Energy Healer Melissa Jacobsen Explains Why Her Reiki Business Is Growing

Melissa Alexis Jacobsen of Austin and Georgetown TX has been practicing Reiki energy healing for many years and explains that with all the confusion surrounding Obamacare and the perception of higher health costs many people are turning to her energy healing services for the first time in their lives. New health laws are waking people […]

Jessica Louise Li, Raw Food Chef and Fitness Expert, Addresses the Superwoman Syndrome

Jessica Louise Li, founder of Women with Integrity, addressed the growing demands on professional women to be and do everything in both family and career. The term “Superwoman Syndrome” as coined by author Marjorie Hansen Shaevitz, describes what many see as the impossible expectations placed on women. Jessica helps women in business stay energetic, fit […]

Health Industry Marketing Endorses Wine Women and Shoes Event

Ladies of the Tarheel state, there is  exciting news for you! The “Wine, Women and Shoes” Event of the season that supports….”be still my heart”…the Make a Wish Foundation is coming on April 3, 2014 to Wilmington, N.C. Can you see yourself spending a  relaxing evening bidding on sassy shoes and checking out runway fashion […]

Chiropractor Dr. Charles Grim Diverges from Traditional Services and Helps Patients Get Care

Throughout the healthcare universe, various coverage qualifications and regulations have muddied the waters of an already-murky industry.  And as doctors and medical practitioners perpetually accept or decline various insurance carriers – let alone the myriad plan designs each carrier offers –  one patient-centric chiropractor has shifted focus from carrier and government regulation back to the […]

Chicagoland Chiropractor Dr. Tom Bryant Offers Nutrition Response Testing For Weight Loss

Health Solutions Precision Spinal Care offers Nutrition Response Testing for weight loss by Dr. Tom Bryant. Nutrition Response Testing is often used to identify nutritional imbalances, allergies or suspected toxic metal poisoning in patients with an inability to lose weight. Nutrition Response Testing is specific reflex testing of the body, testing the organs, finding out […]

Doctors Lose Money & Miss Big Opportunity To Convert More Patients – Online Media Strategist Daren Baysinger Explains Fix

Online Media Strategist Daren Baysinger helps health care professionals increase revenue by showing them how to properly position themselves online to increase prospect to patient conversions. When it comes to understanding how a large number of their prospects convert (or don’t) into patients most doctors receive a failing grade. “It’s not their fault” States Baysinger. […]

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