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Is Your Health Insurance Company Deliberately Making You Sick?

If you’re like most Americans, the topic of health insurance is probably confusing to you. Over the years, it has evolved into a complicated mess of paperwork, regulations, restrictions and medical jargon terms that leave most people scratching their heads. What is even more frustrating than reading your policy is trying to get the care […]

Sunset Spas of Arizona Awarded 2014 Spa Dealer Certification from

Sunset Spas of Arizona, the states premier source of hot tubs, spas, backyard barbecues, and other supplies, has been awarded 2014 Spa Dealer Certification from The award places the company among the elites in the pool and spa industry, and the certification means Sunset Spas will be listed in the 2014 Certified Retail Store […]

Skincare Expert H.L. Greenberg Appears On The ‘Money For Lunch’ Radio Show

Dr. H.L. Greenberg, M.D., Owner of Las Vegas Dermatology, recently took to the airwaves on the nationally syndicated “Money For Lunch” radio show to educate the public about skin care and how laser skin treatment can help solve a variety of skin problems. Dr. Greenberg appeared as a guest on the radio show with host […]

What Doctors Can Learn From Elite Athletes About Performance Under Pressure

Doctors can learn a lot from watching top athletes about  performance pressure. Take for example, the Olympics in Sochi. If you have been watching the Olympics you must have noticed that it is seconds, not minutes, in an event that separates winners from losers, yes? You may have even noticed that the news anchors have […]

Houston Spine Surgeon Dr. Richard Francis Uses Robotic Assisted Technology for the Greater Benefit for his Patients

Dr. Francis shares his knowledge, experience and information about Robotic Assisted Spinal Surgery Procedures and how this great advancement in technology benefits his patients with more accuracy, less pain and a faster recovery time. Dr. Francis’ use of the Mazor Robotic Spine Surgery system is transforming spine surgery from freehand operations to highly-accurate, state-of-the-art procedures […]

Dr. Jeanett Tapia San Diego Chiropractor Practicing NUCCA Adjusts Only One Bone

Only  250 Chiropractors have been trained in NUCCA. Dr. Jeanett Tapia is one of them. The NUCCA (National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association) procedure is a unique form of upper cervical chiropractic care that frees the nervous system of interference by using a precise, non-invasive, gentle touch technique. Upper cervical refers to the upper neck.  The […]

New Medical Arts Announces Cost-Effective Brand Development Program for Dentists

Stephen Selzler, Founder of New Medical Arts, introduced the new PracticeCore Brand Development Program as a budget-conscious way to assist start-up dental practices in bringing their core marketing components to life. “One of the biggest challenges dental start-ups face is securing a way to stand out from their competition,” Selzler said. “Even though most dentists […]

Resolution Reboot – Recharge Your Workout

As the spark of New Year’s resolutions begin to flicker out and determination begins to wear off, many people begin a never-ending battle to beat the resolution slump. In fact, research shows at least a third of New Year’s resolutions are abandoned before the end of January and less than 25% of them are Long-term. […]

Troy Pesola Relaunches MobiusLife to Help Wellness Businesses Grow

MobiusLife has been relaunched to help wellness professionals find more customers, keep them longer, and help improve their wellness during a time of dramatically increasing healthcare costs. Individuals and employers are recognizing the need to refocus on wellness; wellness professionals have a huge potential to help transform consumers’ focus. In the book The Next Trillion, […]

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