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Doctors Lose Money & Miss Big Opportunity To Convert More Patients – Online Media Strategist Daren Baysinger Explains Fix

Online Media Strategist Daren Baysinger helps health care professionals increase revenue by showing them how to properly position themselves online to increase prospect to patient conversions. When it comes to understanding how a large number of their prospects convert (or don’t) into patients most doctors receive a failing grade. “It’s not their fault” States Baysinger. […]

Bill Kopatich, Online Media Strategist, Develops a New Plan to Help Small Medical Practices

Bill Kopatich, Online Media Strategist and President of Charlotte, NC-based Local Marketing Solutions, addresses declining financial performance of solo and small medical practices with new strategies to help physicians, surgeons and other healthcare professionals. “The difficulty of maintaining financial performance in small medical practices in the current environment have been widely reported”, said Bill Kopatich. […]

Dr. Michael Stultz, Prescott Chiropractic And Rehab Discusses Auto Accidents

Dr. Michael Stultz of Prescott Chiropractic And Rehab recently sat down with The Western Medical Journal to discuss the challenges of being involved in a auto accident. Dr. Stultz informed the Journal’s readership of what to do and what not to do when faced with this daunting situation. “The first course of action one should […]

Dental Marketing Expert Barak Granot Reveals Strategies to Fight Patient Migration

According to the ADA (American Dental Association), patient migration between dentists and instances of “dental tourism” have become more prevalent in recent years as the US economy has slowed. “Patient migration” simply means patients are less loyal to their dentist and are more likely to change their dentist. This break of loyalty indicates a trend […]

TC Bradley’s “God Says When” Book Hits Amazon Best Seller Status

On the 20th of this month, TC Bradley will be celebrating a different type of anniversary. It was on March 20,2012, that Bradley at 48 years of age, went into Sudden Cardiac Arrest at his home and was clinically dead for 1.5 to 2 minutes before he was revived by paramedics. According to the Sudden […]

Is Your Health Insurance Company Deliberately Making You Sick?

If you’re like most Americans, the topic of health insurance is probably confusing to you. Over the years, it has evolved into a complicated mess of paperwork, regulations, restrictions and medical jargon terms that leave most people scratching their heads. What is even more frustrating than reading your policy is trying to get the care […]

Sunset Spas of Arizona Awarded 2014 Spa Dealer Certification from

Sunset Spas of Arizona, the states premier source of hot tubs, spas, backyard barbecues, and other supplies, has been awarded 2014 Spa Dealer Certification from The award places the company among the elites in the pool and spa industry, and the certification means Sunset Spas will be listed in the 2014 Certified Retail Store […]

Skincare Expert H.L. Greenberg Appears On The ‘Money For Lunch’ Radio Show

Dr. H.L. Greenberg, M.D., Owner of Las Vegas Dermatology, recently took to the airwaves on the nationally syndicated “Money For Lunch” radio show to educate the public about skin care and how laser skin treatment can help solve a variety of skin problems. Dr. Greenberg appeared as a guest on the radio show with host […]

What Doctors Can Learn From Elite Athletes About Performance Under Pressure

Doctors can learn a lot from watching top athletes about  performance pressure. Take for example, the Olympics in Sochi. If you have been watching the Olympics you must have noticed that it is seconds, not minutes, in an event that separates winners from losers, yes? You may have even noticed that the news anchors have […]

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