Doctors Lose Money & Miss Big Opportunity To Convert More Patients – Online Media Strategist Daren Baysinger Explains Fix

Online Media Strategist Daren Baysinger helps health care professionals increase revenue by showing them how to properly position themselves online to increase prospect to patient conversions.

When it comes to understanding how a large number of their prospects convert (or don’t) into patients most doctors receive a failing grade.

“It’s not their fault” States Baysinger. “Internet and social media have completely changed the prospect to patient conversion process. Most doctors still think prospective patients search on Google for ‘Best Doctor City Name’. Or, an existing patient makes a referral and the new referral just magically makes an appointment.”

According to Baysinger both are incorrect assumptions and can cost a doctor and his/her clinic a lot of lost revenue.

Looking closer, most prospects convert to patients following a “discovery” process that ultimately helps the prospect decide if a particular doctor is the right fit for them. Baysinger says “Understanding this discovery process is critical and requires a doctor to get inside the mind of their prospective patient.”

The discovery process begins logically enough. A prospect is referred to a doctor by someone they know; or the prospect searches for a doctor listed online in their insurance provider network. However, the rest of the discovery process is what most health care experts are completely unaware of.

The next action most prospects take is to search online by a doctors name – not by a clinic name. Why do they search by doctor name and not by clinic name first?

The answer is simple. Prospects search for a doctor by name because they want to find out about the doctor from a human-to-human perspective. Baysinger says it stands to reason why prospective patients do this. “Prospects are looking for someone they are going to entrust their health and in some cases their life with, this is not a decision most people take lightly.”

Marketing legend Frank Kern solidifies what Baysinger says.

Kern states “People do business with people they know, like, and trust.”

“Yes, prospective patients want to make sure a doctor is competent at what they do. But, first and foremost, the prospect wants to get to know a doctor, see if they like them and then decide if they can trust them.” Explains Baysinger. And, in our electronic world, this happens online without a doctor even knowing.

What’s astonishing is 99% of the time what a prospect finds out about a doctor online does not speak to a prospective patient in a way that builds trust and leads to a conversion. According to Baysinger “Most of the time there is no compelling reason for a prospect to pick one doctor over another…Doctors fail to take advantage of this critical piece of the patient conversion process.”

The first thing Baysinger suggests is that doctors perform a search on their name online to see for themselves what comes up in the results. Most of the time this gives a doctors their “Ah-ha” moment.

Baysinger highlights “With a little forethought and some guidance from an expert; a doctor can really position themselves as an authority and rise head and shoulders above their competitors.”

According to Baysinger therein lies the golden opportunity.

“The good news is when a prospect is checking a doctor out online there are so many ways a doctor can stand out from their competition. The important thing is for the doctor to speak to prospects in a way that convinces the prospect to pick them as the one they can trust with their health.”

Daren Baysinger is an authority on helping health care professionals create their “Tipping Point” – that moment in time when a prospect picks them over all his/her competition.

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