Chicagoland Chiropractor Dr. Tom Bryant Offers Nutrition Response Testing For Weight Loss

Health Solutions Precision Spinal Care offers Nutrition Response Testing for weight loss by Dr. Tom Bryant. Nutrition Response Testing is often used to identify nutritional imbalances, allergies or suspected toxic metal poisoning in patients with an inability to lose weight. Nutrition Response Testing is specific reflex testing of the body, testing the organs, finding out what is weak and what is strong. “It gets to the core of the body, what’s wrong with a person, the core level of their health,” explains Dr. Bryant.

“I get a lot of patients that come in that want to lose weight, that have never been able to lose weight and they can’t figure out why. A lot of those patients are diabetic or people that have thyroid issues; I’m not trying to cure that, I’m trying to figure out what is causing their problems losing weight; usually it’s foods or some other substance in their body.”

According to Dr. Bryant, a lot of health issues in the body can be explained by the combination of “thoughts + traumas + toxins.” Dr. Tom Bryant has seen numerous patients lose 40 to 50 pounds after going through Nutritional Response Testing to identify the cause of their inability to lose weight. He uses a combination of Nutritional Response Testing, patient history, traditional chiropractic care and blood work to create and implement a functional wellness program for each patient. A few patients have transformed their life, losing more than 100 pounds and regaining their health and ability to function without pain.

Patient Greg Goodsitt explains, “When I met Dr. Tom Bryant, I was 250 pounds. I had tried various things to lose weight and be more fit and nothing had worked. Meeting Dr. Tom changed all that for me. He worked with me on the nutrition. I lost 50 pounds and I’m probably in better shape than I’ve been in since I was a teenager.”

Another patient lost weight and recovered her health. “I lost over a hundred pounds with Dr. Tom’s help,” says patient Deborah Zorn.

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