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Steven Lehat Attorney Business Advocate Leads The Legal Incubator Movement

Steven Lehat Attorney Business Advocate says “The incubator movement is actually something that began in popular parlance around the turn of the century/millennium.” The concept of an Incubator was something that, in the dot com era, grew out of various companies taking young companies and creating environments for them to grow during their “incubation period,” […]

Communication Is Key To Parental Involvement With Common Core Standards

Derrick Meador a well-known writer for for Education and the school administrator at Jennings Public School in Oklahoma, was recently interviewed regarding how parental involvement can help with the roll out of The Common Core State Standards. He has also taught middle school science for seven years, and after earning his Master’s degree, has […]

TaxConnections Provides On-Demand Tax Education For Taxpayers And Tax Professionals

Kat Jennings, Founder of TaxConnections, is not surprised by the amazing growth of her tax education website. TaxConnections provides on-demand tax expertise to taxpayers and tax education to both tax professionals and taxpayers. For the first time in history, taxpayers will have online access to the very same tax educators that teach tax professionals. She […]

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