Starting A Peace Movement: International Author And Speaker Kit Cummings Talks About The Real Power Of Peace

Kit Cummings is an international speaker, spiritual teacher and a human rights and peace activist. He spreads his energy-filled message of power, potential and positive change to schools, prisons, churches, and non-profit organizations through life-changing events, programs and seminars. Kit has spoken to tens of thousands of people all over the world. He delivers a very timely message of unlimited human power and potential in a time where peace is rare.

Born and raised in Atlanta, Kit has been involved in the field of personal development and leadership for over two decades. Kit has created a unique approach to address the most pressing and fundamental issues surrounding peace in a program he calls “The Power of Peace”. He earned a BBA in Marketing from the Terry School of Business at the University of Georgia, and he also holds a Master of Theology.

Kit has inspired people to aim higher in places as far away as Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe, and recently completed speaking tours in South Africa, Mexico, Honduras and Ukraine.  He has negotiated peace between rival gang leaders in dangerous prisons and recently spoke at the Gandhi Global Peace Summit in Durban, South Africa. Having taught in some of the toughest environments in the world, he now brings his dynamic message to schools, prisons, churches, corporate events and seminars.

Cummings explains how The Power of Peace program and the Power of Peace Movement started, “The Power of Peace Project started inside Georgia’s most violent maximum security prison. Right around mid-life I walked away from a long career in ministry and for the next five years I worked in the corporate world. In 2008, I began to offer motivational speaking and I was invited by a prison ministry group to come and speak inside a prison. When I went into that place, it was like a switch clicked on, and I kept going back and kept going back and I made a real connection with those guys. I feel like I was being called. I was teaching a program that I developed in the corporate world called ‘Attitude Science.’ It was about mind change, mental messaging, self-talk, energy, and why you do the things that you do. The prison was the #1 gang prison in the state and they were trying to figure out how to deal with a big problem of violence in that prison.”

He adds, “From those original talks, I created ‘The Power of Peace’ project. The idea was to challenge them to 40 days of peace. Just 40 days where the group would sign a peace pledge and during the 40 days they would keep a journal, and learn about all different peace activists like Martin Luther King, Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Maya Angelou, Black Elk of the Sioux Nation and even Malcolm X.”

He adds, “It has grown so much from that first group. I’ve been invited all over the world to speak in prisons and teach this program, because it works. Violence in some tough prisons have been cut in half.” Now, The Power of Peace has expanded to also teaching this in schools. Cummings brings the stories and experiences of the convicts (he explains that they would rather be called ‘convicts’ than ‘inmates’) into schools so that we can stop the flood of young people coming into prisons. The POPP is creating new connections between churches, schools and prisons in order to strengthen and heal wounded communities.

His message of peace and his “peace pledge” make a real difference in young people’s lives. Don Hoffmeyer, Coordinator of the Conasauga Adult Felony Drug Court says, “Kit Cummings has visited the Conasauga Adult Felony Drug Court for several years giving presentations which continue to inspire and educate our participants who consider his messages regarding recovery, criminal thinking, and other issues as highlights of our program.” One young inmate said during Cummings peace presentation, “I’m 24 years old and I have never known peace. All my life has been chaos and I don’t know anything different. I want to have peace, but I don’t know how.” Cummings teaches people who have never had peace how to find and create it in their lives, no matter what the circumstances.

For more information about Kit Cummings and his Power of Peace program please visit:  To listen to an amazing interview where Kit talks about the future of The Power of Peace and his plan to strengthen communities across the nation and internationally by connecting churches, schools and prisons, Click Here.

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