Kredit Koncepts CEO And President, Quincy Luzunaris, Educates Consumers On Rebuilding And Creating Credit To Reach Their Financial Goals

Quincy Luzunaris, CEO and President at Kredit Koncepts Financial Service, LLC based in the greater New York area has built a business focused on credit score improvement, debt settling, financial planning, credit monitoring and credit education for consumers from the ground up. Luzunaris doesn’t run your typical credit improvement company; you know the shady ones that make big promises with large fees and little results. Instead, he focuses on creating financial and credit improvement education and educating those with poor or no credit on the steps they can take to improve their credit situation. Luzunaris says, “Statistically, we know that there are millions in the US suffering from poor credit and having no credit. With this type of service, there really is light at the end of the tunnel and we are that light for our clients.”

He adds, “For us, education is key, 60% of consumers do not know their credit score. In addition, they don’t know how to read their credit reports and they don’t know which websites are reputable to use. During our initial consultation, we focus on educating and teaching consumers about credit and helping them understand their credit situation and the steps they can take to help improve their credit score.”

Kredit Koncepts acts as a liaison between the client and creditors. Luzunaris explains, “We are proactive in protecting and educating our consumers on their rights according to The Fair Credit Reporting Act.” After obtaining the credit score and educating the consumer about their unique credit situation, Kredit Koncepts focuses on working with clients and their creditors to clean up mistakes and old information on their credit report—this first step alone often leads to an increased credit score. After this step, Kredit Koncepts works with their clients to create a plan to meet their long term financial goals, whether it is establishing credit, repairing credit, preparing to buy a car or their first home and even becoming entrepreneurs themselves.

Client Dr. Malikah Murphy explains, “I signed up with Kredit Koncepts 6 months ago and they have totally changed my life. I am in the field of network marketing and have earned a great income doing so. The problem was that I had the income without the credit. I was able to purchase a car and home, but with a huge down payment and an extremely high interest rate. After reaching out to the owner of Kredit Koncepts, he explained the steps that his company was going to take to help me rebuild my credit and assist me in credit management. Fast forward to today and I now have over a 700 credit score and I can keep my money in the bank instead of using it for a large down payment and paying a high interest rate. Thank you Kredit Koncepts for helping me maintain my finances and my credit.”

Another partner and affiliate, Thomas Elsmore of Boston, Mass. tells his story. “I am the Senior Business Consultant for Just Plans Consulting.  I have been directly involved in working with Kredit Koncepts, LLC and Quincy Luzunaris, as both a client and referral resource.  In our 4 years of interaction, we have experienced incredible integrity and a high-degree of customer care/satisfaction. In fact, we have seen both Mr. Luzunaris and his staff, go beyond the call of duty for their customers. We would recommend their service to anyone.’’

Humorist Henry Wheeler Shaw once wrote, “Debt is like any other trap, easy enough to get into, but hard enough to get out of.” Luzunaris knows firsthand how life can sometimes hold unexpected events that make it easy to lose your high credit score. Early on in his career he got caught up in a real estate nightmare that quickly destroyed his former high score. He watched his score drop month after month as he struggled to straighten out a major problem with his property. Soon he felt the pinch of the lower score and realized how damaging that score could be to dreams like buying a car, homeownership, and even going into business for himself. He researched and worked hard to repair his situation eventually regaining his high credit score, but he also gained a passion for helping educate consumers about credit, creating credit and credit improvement options that eventually led him to help others by forming his own company, Kredit Koncepts Financial Services, LLC. Kredit Koncepts is “A” rated by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) with zero complaints to date.

For more information or to contact Quincy Luzunaris, President/CEO at Kredit Koncepts, call Toll Free at (800) 985-9367. Or, email Quincy Luzunaris at: Offices are located at in North Carolina, Georgia and New York.

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