Think You Know Business? Try Your Elevator Pitch On 11 Year Old Harrison – A Small Host With A Mighty Mohawk – On “Face The H”

Business owners are accustomed to selling themselves with an introduction and elevator pitch. Most, however, aren’t pitching to insatiably curious, enormously engaging Harrison Ramsey. The soccer-playing, sushi-eating young man from Atlanta, known simply as ‘H’ to family and friends, wants to know what business owners actually do for a living. After hearing their two-minute pitch and asking a few questions along the way, Harrison sums up what he’s heard. If the pitch was clear, concise and accurate, he’ll be right. If not? It’s time to hone the message. To make it even more interesting, business owners participate via video for H’s new show, “Face the H,” which is hosted by the new Fireside Network.

Precocious as it is, pitching business to a kid can be practical, too. In fact, Albert Einstein once said, “If you can’t explain it to a six-year-old, you don’t understand it yourself.” Harrison’s own father knows that all too well. Bill Ramsey, a successful portrait photographer, has had plenty of experience explaining that business to Harrison and his two siblings. He said, “With kids, you learn pretty quickly that nobody listens to meaningless, long-winded explanations that don’t actually make sense.”

Dr. Keith Kantor, one of the first guests to be interviewed by Harrison, said, “It was fun, entertaining and I think the audiences will love it. Harrison is a warm and intelligent host and you soon forget that he is 11 years old. It will actually help you understand your business better than before the show.”

Another recent guest, Mike Haberman, shares, “If you are going to ‘Face the H’ you had better be able to be clear and concise. Harrison doesn’t know your business lingo, so using it is not going to impress him. He is a smart young man, and you may think he is just a kid, but having to explain your business to ‘H’ is a real challenge. It really makes you think. Talking to this kid will make you a better adult communicator.”

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About Harrison Ramsey, aka “The Big H”

This insatiably curious 11-year-old is a resident of the Atlanta Metro area. He is a passionate left-footed soccer player who is small in stature but enormous on the inside. He wears a mohawk. He dreams of being a professional soccer player (and brain surgeon and landscape photographer). Harrison is the middle child between a 13-year-old brother and a 9-year-old sister. He loves kale and sushi.