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Dr. HEATHER TUCKER: Creating More Harmony in Your Relationships

  Dr. Heather Tucker is a Life Harmony Coach, speaker, and trainer. She teaches women entrepreneurs how to strengthen their relationships with themselves and others. Her areas of expertise include communication mastery, emotional intelligence, technology harmony, and energy work for strengthening the mind, body and spirit connection. She guides her clients and students to have more […]

How To Be More Focused, Productive And Have More Energy Every Day

I used to be a morning person, until the demands of being a CEO at the same time as being an involved father of 4 took it’s toll. I found that my focus, productivity and energy throughout the day was getting depleted more and more quickly. I wondered whether this was simply inevitable – that […]

Building Authority, Creating Impact and Making Money Matter

With the popularity of Reality TV shows about Flipping Houses and business startup focused favorites like Shark Tank and The Profit, it might seem the entrepreneur’s scorecard for success is all about the money. More specifically making a lot of money and making it fast. Entrepreneur, investor, author and award-winning speaker Cole Hatter sees making […]

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