Real Estate Brokers Sandra Brazelton and Alexandria Brazelton, Hit Amazon Best Seller List With Their New Book “Wills, Probate, and Real Estate: What You Don’t Know Can Cost You Thousands”

Each year, millions and millions of dollars are sucked from estates that are not properly structured and executed. Most Personal Representatives have never gone through probate, so much of the anxiety comes from not knowing what to ask and not knowing what to expect.

In addition, when real estate is part of the estate due to the death of a loved one, it adds additional stress, and financial and legal pressure to the already overwhelming responsibilities of the Personal Representative.

Sandra and Alexandria Brazelton set out to write their book as a guide to help families navigate through this confusing and emotional time.

The goal of this book was to leverage their 30 years of real estate experience and top 1% nationwide real estate credentials to educate and empower the reader with a road map from entering probate to the successful sale of real estate.

There is a lot of miseducation regarding how real estate is handled in probating an estate. In addition, most real estate agents are not experienced in this sensitive area. Therefore, this book bridges the gap and guides the reader through the maze of probate to ensure success from a real estate perspective.

While most information on this subject usually comes from attorneys, the authors chose to write this book because real estate is usually the largest asset of an estate and the need for a real estate perspective was warranted.

This book includes specific strategies to protect generational wealth, specifically as it relates to real estate.

Included in this book:

  • 15 Step Executor Checklist for Probate with Real Estate
  • 6 Money Sucking Probate Real Estate Threats
  • 10 Executor Strategies to Immediately Protect the Estate
  • 12 Pitfalls that Can Cost the Estate Thousands
  • 3 Money Saving Probate Real Estate Myth Busters
  • 7 Inside Secrets to Find Critical Probate Information
  • 50 Point Checklist to Follow After Notification of Death
  • Over 40 Worksheets for Comprehensive Estate Planning
  • Sample Template for Will, Durable Power of Attorney and Health Care Directive

Over the past 30 years as real estate brokers and real estate probate specialists, the Brazeltons  have seen first-hand how unprepared families waste a lot of the estate assets, lose the property, lose the business, and endure years of stress, family discourse, and legal liability.

Their goal is to educate, empower, and support the reader with insights, strategies, and tools to avoid the pitfalls of probate.

When told that their book had reached the Amazon best seller list, Sandra Brazelton said, “We are excited, honored, and humbled to be recognized as best-selling authors in this sensitive and important area that affects us all.”


Sandra and Alexandria Brazelton are mother and daughter real estate brokers with top 1% nationwide credentials. Together, they have over 30 years of experience as real estate brokers, real estate instructors, online auction consultants, real estate probate advisors, property management specialists, business advisors, and listing specialists.

The Brazeltons’ recent book, “Wills, Probate, and Real Estate: What You Don’t Know Can Cost You Thousands” is available on Amazon at: